Below are some testimonials from graduates from the 2022 and 2023 Women in Digital Health Leadership programs.

Over the past six months, my involvement in the Women in Digital Health Leadership Program has been a wellspring of inspiration, fueling my anticipation to share my experiences and make a meaningful contribution to the current healthcare landscape through digital leadership.

As Charles Darwin aptly noted, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most responsive to change,” and in the realm of healthcare, digital technology and interoperability hold the promise of being a catalyst for transformative change.

Extending my heartfelt gratitude to Natalie Collard, Eimer Boyle and Kristal Kitto for their invaluable guidance and support. To the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) for the amazing opportunity and to the remarkable women who made up the second cohort and graduated with me.

My sincere thanks GPEx (SA) for the encouragement and support and, in particular to Kathryn Presser AM, Stephanie Clota, my family and friends.

Leanne March

GP Partners Australia

Being part of this year’s cohort has truly been an honour. Am grateful to Natalie Collard, Eimer Boyle and Kristal Kitto, Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) for their invaluable dedication to our growth as a group of Women Leaders. Appreciate all the wonderful women who played a crucial role with me in this journey, making it a wholesome and enriching experience. Thank you to Peter Behan and Alcidion for the continued support in the growth and support of Women Leaders in Digital Health.

Anna Joseph CHIA


Grateful for the opportunity to participate in this very unique leadership program. So many insights and learnings through the content and facilitators but also from the other amazing participants.

Thank you to Kristal Kitto for her organisation and to Eimer Boyle and Natalie Collard for their supportive and inspirational facilitation and coaching. Thank you to Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and to Alcidion for supporting me and for the dedication to this important program.

I look forward to watching what this group of women can achieve for digital health.

Renee Schofield


Life Changing. If you have the opportunity to participate in the program, DO IT!

Melissa Walker

Alfred Health

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Women in Digital Health Leadership course run by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH). More than a typical learning experience, this six-month brought together 27 like-minded women, each bringing our own unique perspectives, experiences, and aspirations.

Every session was a revelation, not just because of the content but because of the passionate discussions, shared stories, and the collective wisdom of women determined to make a mark in digital health. There was a tangible sense of togetherness, and every interaction felt like both a learning opportunity and a moment of connection.

My gratitude extends to Kristal Kitto and the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) for organising and Eimer Boyle and Natalie Collard who crafted such an enriching environment and the amazing women I met. Through our conversations and collaborations, I’ve grown – in knowledge, confidence, and in my network of incredible professionals.

As I reflect on this experience, I’m reminded of the power of community. Thank you, each of you touched me and helped me grow. I am genuinely excited for our continued journeys and the paths we will carve in the digital health landscape.

Emma Blanusa


The learning journey continues, as it should throughout life! 27 amazing women from different paths in digital health shared the last 6 months on a journey learning about ourselves, listening and using our voices with courage to influence, manage change and make a difference in digital health! ‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken’ Oscar Wilde!

Dr Felicity Hodder


The last six months shared with an amazing group of women from across Australia with one common goal “Leading and transforming Digital Healthcare”

We engaged in this journey with vulnerability and all graduated today with a rich network of remarkable women, friends and change makers dedicated to not only transforming health but its culture, workforce and addressing inequity in health communities.

Thank you to Natalie Collard, Eimer Boyle, and Kristal Kitto for an amazing coaching experience and program and to my leaders at eHealth NSW Simon James and Kerry-Anne Baxter MAICD for your continued support on my journey.

Chamaine Lovett

eHealth NSW

The WiDHL is a great opportunity to connect and learn from other leaders working in the digital health ecosystem. I loved the diversity and range of experiences shared by all participants. The program is delivered in a supportive environment to reflect on your own personal leadership journey to date and allows you to get specific on what comes next for you.

I would recommend the program to women who want to deeply explore their strengths and create a unique leadership vision and a supporting development plan that they can action. The program is run by amazing facilitators and grounded by likeminded women who have a passion to make positive change and contribute to the often complex but deeply rewarding digital health sector.

Robyn Mann

Telstra Health

Yes! Graduated today alongside 27 amazing women as part of a national leadership program for #WomenInDigitalHealth run by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH). 🎓👩‍💻

These 6 months have been challenging and I must thank this group of women who have inspired and encouraged me to continue to step up and out courageously to lead with our strengths. The room I sat in today was filled with superstars that will continue to lead the digital transformation of healthcare…. and having journeyed together, I know the future is in good hands! ✨

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you Kristal Kitto, Eimer Boyle and Natalie Collard for navigating us through this journey.

Dr Ann Boo CHIA

Western Health

These last six months have been challenging, and I am grateful to be able to return to my origin story and refine my leadership vision through the support of inspiring mentors Eimer Boyle Natalie Collard and fellow participants. I am thankful for the genuine connections I have built with like-minded women. Thank you for walking this path with me. Here’s to embracing “What Now” and stepping into the future! 💪🚀

A huge shoutout to Kristal Kitto for your dedicated efforts in coordinating this program.

Shruti Thakkar CHIA

Queensland Health

Happy to share my Graduation from the Women in Digital Health Leadership Program by Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH)!

An amazing privilege to have completed the Women in Digital Health Leadership program with this brilliant cohort of 27 extraordinary women leaders!

It was a transformative journey of learning, connecting and growing together. I look forward to continuing our conversations and collaborations, as we strive to navigate and lead the exciting world of digital health…

Thank you to Kristal Kitto, Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and our coaches Natalie Collard and Eimer Boyle, and the fantastic mentors for making this happen.

Thank you Michael Franco for being a great mentor in my digital health journey.

Dr Vidya Muraleedharan CHIA

St Vincent's Hospital

Firstly, this was a very organised program to learn from expert facilitators, mentors, and peers. The group was so diverse with skills and experiences in digital health, that we all had the opportunity to learn and grow. The course outline was a fine balance of theory and practice of leadership, with the opportunity to share experiences and also have private professional coaching. This course moved me, it changed the way I perceived myself and gave me a greater understanding of the innate strengths I have as a leader. I had the opportunity to meet 26 other very talented women and collectively can influence change as leaders in digital health. We all encouraged each other, shared personal and professional stories and learned from the extremely talented facilitators through a well-designed and structured course.

Melissa Fodera

Austin Health

Just completed a transformative Women in Digital Health Leadership course with AIDH and I’m filled with gratitude. 🌟 Among the many invaluable lessons, these resonate the most:

  • Self-awareness: Recognising and embracing our strengths, areas of growth, and the unique value we bring not only in our workplaces but in our whole selves.
  • Openness to possibilities: The world of digital health is vast and ever-evolving. I’ve learned to welcome change and see every challenge as an opportunity waiting to be unlocked.
  • Comfort with the unknown: The future is undeniably uncertain, but this course has equipped me to approach it with confidence and curiosity.
  • Connectedness: The bonds formed with the incredible women in this cohort are profound. Our collective strength and support will undoubtedly propel us towards a promising future in digital health.

I thank each and everyone of the incredible women involved in this course for bravely sharing your stories and experiences, you have made a profound impact on me that I will always cherish. Thank you Eimer Boyle and Natalie Collard for guiding us on this journey and for creating a space for us to be vulnerable. Shoutout to group 4, Karen Chin, Leanne March, Melita Ryan, Michelle Dobie, Vidya Muraleedharan, and A/Professor Magdalena Simonis AM, as our mentor, it was an absolute pleasure working with you on our project. Thank you Kristal Kitto for your awesome organisational skills and pulling the program together. Finally, thank you Dr Monica Trujillo for your sponsorship and endless support.

As I step forward, I feel optimistic about the impact we can collectively make in the digital health space.

To every woman out there, embarking on a similar journey, remember that together, we are unstoppable. Here’s to a brighter, healthier future! 🌍✨

Anita Brizuela

Telstra Health

A tremendous privilege to have completed the Women in Digital Health Leadership program alongside 26 brilliant leaders in their field.

We are bold.
We are passionate.
We are unapologetically who we are.
Equipped with new tools and networks, we are determined to realise our visions for the future of digital and healthcare.

Thank you to Kristal Kitto, Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and the sponsors, our power-duo coaches Natalie Collard and Eimer Boyle, the mentors, and the participants, for your roles in this transformative program. Thank you to Jeffrey Ong, Shona Williamson, Matthew Thatcher and The Royal Children’s Hospital for supporting my participation.

Sophie Tran CHIA

The Royal Children's Hospital

Such an incredible privilege to have gone on this journey with Australia’s leading female digital health talent! I have been part of many professional development opportunities over the years but I have never witnessed the type of impact in terms of personal and professional transformation that this course delivers. It’s nothing you expect but everything you need to become a better leader!

A huge shoutout to the AIDH, Natalie Collard, Eimer Boyle and Kristal Kitto for bringing this together.

Vickie Irving

Telstra Health

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