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This post is proudly brought to you by #DHS2022 partner Alcidion

There is a global challenge to address the priorities of caring for patients in an increasingly constrained hospital environment. The demand for all types of resource including clinical staff and beds means the provision of timely care is constant.

Alcidion’s Miya Precision offers a seamless unified experience across all care settings, integrating with existing systems to provide a consolidated view of clinical data that facilitates round-the-clock care, produces measurable data and provides active monitoring of patient deterioration while supporting a smarter and safer care outcome. Whether data is captured by the patient via a mobile app or a clinician in the hospital or on the move it is available real-time to support communication and decision making. The native interoperability, flexibility and scalability of Miya Precision presents tailored information in a meaningful paradigm to make it an effective tool for virtual care and remote patient monitoring.

Alcidion’s Miya Care app allows patients to participate in the management of their health notifying the patient to record vital signs with smart monitoring devices, complete symptom check surveys or enable telehealth consultations. The app is used by Sydney Local Health District to support remote patient monitoring of acute diverticulitis patients and inpatient respiratory patients. The same principals can also be applied to other patient cohorts.

Alcidion has the expertise to work with you to deploy a digital virtual care model. Contact us on [email protected] to find out how Miya Precision can facilitate effective care your patients, staff and community.