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This post is proudly brought to you by #DHS2022 partner Chamonix IT Solutions

Chamonix IT Solutions has partnered with its federal government customer since 2011 to deliver a middleware product for the healthcare industry, connecting over 800 healthcare providers nationally.

As inefficiencies crept in over time, the team collaborated with the customer to make significant cultural and delivery changes to address them – adopting a pervasive culture based on Agile, Lean and DevOps practices.

Altering procurement to a product-based model and funding a cross-functional team for ongoing development and support provided greater certainty, continuity of resourcing, and preservation of critical product and domain knowledge.
This change in practices improved team culture and product management, prioritised backlog items and better integrated stakeholders. Through monthly show and tells, retrospectives and beta release programmes, the team achieved finer-grained and more regular product releases, delivering value to sites more frequently and facilitating tighter feedback cycles.

Building on this, the team introduced deployment automation and now applies continuous integration and delivery techniques to automatically build and deploy the product to its internal cloud-hosted test environments. Test automation, including automation of its regression test suite and a focus on performance testing has also been added.

The team now places greater emphasis on fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, and collectively, the cultural and delivery changes made by Chamonix and its partner have significantly reduced inefficiency and waste. This in turn has led to improved product delivery to sites and contributed to better healthcare outcomes for Australians.