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Dr Paul Cooper CHIA

I educate the next generation of students in health informatics

I specialise in helping organisations get the most from their digital transformation journey with an emphasis on the field of healthcare. I obtained my Ph.D in Biochemistry with an early focus on the emergent fields of bioinformatics and IT. I subsequently completed a Grad. Dip. Business (Organisational Development) and my career path has been in fusing these disciplines together – the people aspects, the informatics aspects and the strategic, big thinking, interconnectedness of things that biochemistry is all about. I am known for my energy, communications skills, collaborative working style and passion about passing knowledge and enthusiasm to upcoming generations. I have directly experienced the benefits of diversity in the workplace and in my personal life.

I am currently A/Prof at Deakin University where I teach a Post-Grad unit in Health Informatics as well as independent consulting in digital health.


A/Prof Health Informatics


Deakin University

Favourite things

I love surfing, photography and cultural travel

I’m passionate about

Inspiring the upcoming generation in health informatics

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