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Dr Nathan Pinskier FAIDH

Man about Town

I graduated Medicine in 1983 and started down a long and winding road to a medical career. I was armed with ambition and altruism. Little did or could I have I realized where that road would lead. A career in general practice led to an introduction to and a lifelong involvement with information technology and health informatics. From DOS to Windows to Clinical Information Software to Medicare Online to the RACGP Guidelines for Computer Security to Standards to Healthcare Identifiers to Secure Messaging to Clinical Terminologies to Electronic Prescriptions to the Model Healthcare Community to My Health Record to Primary Care Quality Data to Telehealth to a world on FHIR.

It’s been an amazing journey. On the way I’ve met and engaged with countless numbers of incredible people who have made enormous contributions to the field of Digital Health many of whom I now count as lifelong personal friends. Digital Health is an amazingly diverse discipline with unlimited opportunity and potential. Ultimately when I think about why Digital Health is so important it is because it has the potential to improve the way in which healthcare organisations and healthcare providers deliver healthcare and help people. And that brings me right back to the reason as to why I became a doctor.


GP and Co-Owner



Favourite things

St Kilda AFL, Movies, Theatre, Cruising, Family & Friends

I’m passionate about

Doing the right things well and making systems and processes better

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