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Grahame Grieve

I lead a community that creates IT solutions to improve people’s healthcare

After initially qualifying as a biochemist, Grahame accidentally landed a job in a clinical laboratory as a clinical chemist, and fell in love with working in healthcare. Since then, Grahame has held a variety of roles:

  • Laboratory scientist performing routine clinical tests
  • PhD researcher looking at biochemical impacts of diabetes in cholesterol metabolism
  • Development lead/CTO for a laboratory information systems vendor
  • Editor of international standards for healthcare data exchange
  • Consulting to national programs on adoption and implementation of interoperability standards including the Australian National Health Record system

Currently, Grahame is HL7’s Product Director for “FHIR” – the leading healthcare data exchange standard of the future. In that role, Grahame is responsible the growth and governance of the community that develops the FHIR specification, managing the corporate and government relationships around it, and acting as the lead editor for the specification.

Grahame has won many awards for his contributions to the community, notably from HISA (the Don Walker for effectiveness in Health Informatics.


Consultant, Health Interoperability Standards, FHIR Product Directory


Health Intersections

Favourite things

Meetings of like minds; being in the wilderness

I’m passionate about

Building open communities that inspire people to make other’s lives better

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