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Emma Hossack

CEO of three software companies that facilitate sharing information in a private and secure manner.

Emma Hossack is the CEO of Extensia, a leading Australian supplier of software solutions and technologies for the health care sector. Extensia has been endorsed by Austrade as one of Australia’s premier medical software providers. Emma is also the CEO of BarWeb, which provides information technology services to major Queensland law firms and members of the Queensland Bar as well as commercial clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, Emma is the CEO of Binder, an information logistics platform used across all sectors.

Extensia has deployed a number of implementations of shared electronic health record systems across Australia over the past decade. Extensia recognised the global need for improved systems for aged care, chronic disease, indigenous care and disabilities, and built privacy compliant systems to enable the secure exchange of health information. This promotes individual autonomy and dignity.

Before acquiring Extensia, Emma practiced as a commercial lawyer and completed a Masters of Law with a focus on medico/legal and privacy/ ethical issues in 2007.

Now based in Brisbane, Emma’s other interests and positions include President of the Medical Software Industry Association, Immediate Past-President of the Australian and New Zealand International Association of Privacy Professionals, Chair Strategy and Grown ANZ, Director of ScriptWise, member of the Health Informatics Society Australia and representative on various government reference groups including the Commonwealth Department of Human Services Stakeholders Consultative and Compliance Groups.

On account of Emma’s experience and standing in both the areas of privacy and medical software, she is a frequent keynote speaker on these topics both in Australia and New Zealand.





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Martinis, marathons and triplets

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What Extensia can do!

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