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David O’Driscoll FAIDH CHIA

I work with clinicians, government and the software industry to ensure that our national digital health solutions are interoperable

My broad experience has allowed me to better provide outcomes for my employers and clients by combining specialist skills in areas such as data and software design with more diverse skills including marketing of software.

I have had the opportunity to work with organisations ranging from small software development houses to some of Australia’s largest construction and mixed resource companies, as well as state and federal government departments. While their size has been diverse, all these organisations had one common need: IT systems that integrated with their business processes to provide meaningful business outcomes.

In recent years, I have focused largely on the information architecture aspects of IT. I believe there is a growing understanding that if we don’t understand and manage the underlying information assets of the enterprise, then we will struggle to deliver quality information services to our customers.

My technical background supports my broad business management skills, allowing me to support organisational goals through the careful management of technology projects.


Principal Consultant



Favourite things

Family, coffee & astronomy

I’m passionate about

Designing elegant solutions to real problems

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