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Organisational Membership

What’s on offer

Organisational members and HIC delegates from CSIRO

A strong corporate relationship with the Australasian Institute of Digital Health is  your chance to take a deep dive on digital health and broaden your company connections nationally and internationally.

Organisational membership types and prices

All memberships are valid until 31st March of the following year.

3 registered members
$840 /y
6 registered members
$1,575 /y
11 registered members
$2,695 /y
21 registered members
$4,780 /y
3 registered members $840 /y
6 registered members $1,575 /y
11 registered members $2,695 /y
21 registered members $4,780 /y

About your membership

  • The membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st
  • Full membership fees apply upon joining
  • Pro-rata membership rates will apply to members joining between September 1 and December 31
  • Membership will be valid until March 31st of the following year for members joining between January 1st and March 31st
  • Memberships are not refundable, unused entitlements cannot be transferred

Academic Institutional Membership (AIM) eligibility criteria

AIM is for tertiary institutions that have health informatics programs or courses (teaching and/or research) – does not need to be a specifically named Health Informatics course, e.g. public health, health information management etc.

Your benefits

  • Strengthen your organisational credibility by aligning alongside Australia’s peak professional body for the digital health community (use the AIDH member logo for organisational website / email signatures)
  • Connect with members and leaders across the Australian digital healthcare community
  • Priority access to all event partnership opportunities and booth selection (1-week before general release), as well as discounted prices
  • Priority access to state event partnership opportunities
  • Premium+ corporate membership upgrade packages
  • Discounted registrations to conferences & events, plus free registration to all state events (for employees listed on the membership)
  • Exclusive opportunities to collaborate with AIDH Communities of Practice: AIDH – Nursing & Midwifery, Clinical Informatics Network, Precision Health, UX, Cybersecurity, AIDH Fellows and the Student Network.
  • Engage with the Institute’s growing digital health network by running bespoke events eg Innovating Health roundtables (additional charges will apply)
  • Access to expert advisory services to help facilitate industry panels for new product / service developments, undertaking research, or product / UX testing (additional charges will apply)
  • Access to Digital Health TV with hundreds of recorded presentations from our conferences
  • Creation of a bespoke Digital Health TV channel for your organisation (additional charges will apply)
  • Access to content to share / align yourselves with eg Thought Leadership Papers / Surveys / White Papers
  • Share content with the Institute’s media team to help publicise your awards / achievements / press announcements (1 formal corporate announcement per year per member)
  • CHIA CPD point evaluation and endorsement for your own events
  • Free subscription to Pulse-IT Magazine (for employees listed on the membership)
  • Inclusion in the online organisational directory
  • Member fortnightly e-newsletter
  • Job postings in the Institute e-newsletter
  • Nominate and vote for the Institute Board / state committees (1 vote per organisation)


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