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Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health

Nursing and midwifery informatics has a unique role in ensuring a digitally enabled health system delivers on the promise of better health outcomes for all Australians. Nursing is the largest single profession in the healthcare workforce and provides continuous care to patients during inpatient stays and to consumers within community and primary healthcare settings. The role of nurses and midwives in the digital environment has the potential to not only deliver improvements in efficiency and patient outcomes, but also to facilitate an improved consumer and clinician experience.

Suki Loe, WA Health

About the Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health

The Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health is the pre-eminent group of nursing and midwifery informaticians in Australia. Membership is open to all registered nurses and registered midwives.

The Network promotes nursing and midwifery informatics priorities such as appropriate language, education and ongoing research. It engenders nursing and midwifery to embrace information and communication technologies, and establishes strong foundations for taking these developments forward.

It also ensures nursing and midwifery has the data and resources to continue to provide evidence-based, quality, cost-effective and outcome-driven care for patients and clients into the future.

White Paper

Learn more about the instrumental role of nurses and midwives in digitally transforming healthcare by downloading the Position Statement.

The Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health Conference (#NMiDH24), Australia’s only dedicated nursing and midwifery informatics event will return in 2024 with a new format.

The Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health Conference #NMiDH24

Health. Innovation. Community.
3 August 2024 | Brisbane, Australia


HIC 2024

Call for Papers NOW OPEN
Submissions are encouraged across a range of healthcare settings including public and private hospitals, nursing, primary care, indigenous, aged and community care and multi-cultural services.

We invite authors to submit their research, projects, innovations, experiences, and learnings that will enable nurses and midwives to achieve increased confidence and capability in the use of digital health in their practice.


Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay FAIDH CHIA

Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay FAIDH CHIA

Chair, NSW

Director, Mojen Services

Dr Helen Almond FAIDH

Dr Helen Almond FAIDH

Deputy Chair, Tas

Head, School of Nursing, Institute of Health and Management

Berni Zipf

Berni Zipf

Secretary, QLD

Senior Implementation Clinical and Training Consultant, eCase

Cedar Yin CHIA

Cedar Yin CHIA

Member Engagement Coordinator, NSW

Reporting & Clinical Systems Manager, Opal Healthcare

Tasneem Islam CHIA

Tasneem Islam CHIA

Digital Content Coordinator, VIC

Senior Application Specialist, Monash Health

Alan  Scanlon CHIA

Alan Scanlon CHIA

Written Content Coordinator, QLD

Nurse Manager – Clinical Systems Analyst, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Dr Zerina Tomkins

Dr Zerina Tomkins

Committee member, VIC

Associate Professor, Monash University

Dr Priyanka Vandersman

Dr Priyanka Vandersman

Committee member, SA

Senior Research Fellow [ELDAC], RePaDD, Finders University

Interested in a career in nursing or midwifery informatics?

Nurses and midwives wanting to increase their knowledge and/or skills in nursing, midwifery, or health informatics have several avenues.

Several universities have postgraduate coursework programs and nurses and midwives are advised to contact local universities to ascertain if they provide relevant programs or courses in both on-campus or distance education mode. The Institute provides a list of Health Informatics degree course and short course providers in Australia and New Zealand.

There are also a variety of user-pay or free MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that address specific concepts within nursing, midwifery, or health informatics. Entering nursing or midwifery informatics MOOCs into a search engine will produce a list of available courses and their commencement dates. MOOC platforms include Coursera, edX, Udacity, Open Yale, Udemy. Khan Academy, Alison, FutureLearn, and courses address Nursing Informatics, Health Informatics, Digital Health, and eHealth, and Data Analytics.

Nurses and midwives who have experience in nursing, midwifery, or health informatics and want their skills formally recognised may elect to undertake certification via the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) program, developed by AIDH.

Editorials & community blogs

If you would like to contribute to our network and have something to say, send us an email.

Impact of biotechnology on nurses and midwives

Impact of biotechnology on nurses and midwives

Biotechnology refers to technology based on biology – that is, it exploits biological systems, living organisms or part of this to cultivate or create different products. Traditional processes to bake bread, brew beer, or make cheese are rudimentary...

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Nursing and Midwifery Participation in Virtual Care

Nursing and Midwifery Participation in Virtual Care

Whilst it is clear that virtual models of care will be a predominant feature in future health infrastructure, there are varying interpretations of what constitutes virtual care (VC). There is no supported standard definition, and VC is often used...

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Impact of genomics on nursing and midwifery

Impact of genomics on nursing and midwifery

Personalised medicine and precision health are growing in awareness among health consumers, patients and carers. Precision health is underpinned by genomics, an exciting field full of potential in coming years. However, for most nurses and midwives, genomics is still...

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Embers of Innovation and digital health

Embers of Innovation and digital health

The COVID-19 context The profile of nurses and midwives as health innovators has risen exponentially over the last decade, largely due to the rapid advancement of new health technologies, the ongoing progression of evidence-based medicine and the...

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The impact of a pandemic on nursing and midwifery

The impact of a pandemic on nursing and midwifery

Have your say on this topic by logging into the CoP forum on the members’ SocialLink for nursing and midwifery. The Impact of a Pandemic on Nursing and Midwifery By Dr Jen Bichel-Findlay It is hard to envisage the difference in circumstances...

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News & updates


Nursing Informatics Strategic Paper

A framework for nursing informatics in Australia

International Council of Nurses

Operated by nurses and leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality nursing care for all and sound health policies globally.

Nursing Informatics Position Statement

The first national statement to affirm the role of nurses in digital healthcare at all levels and in all health settings.

Celebrating the Moya Conrick winners

2019    Leanna Woods    Melbourne
2018    Joanne Reid    Sydney
2017    Suki Loe    Brisbane
2016    Naomi Dobroff    Melbourne
2015    Bernice Redley    Brisbane
2014    Josephine Stevens    Melbourne
2013    Johanna Westbrook    Adelaide
2012    Livio Ciacciarelli   Sydney
2011    Susan Moller    Brisbane
2010    Sharon Downman    Melbourne

Nursing.Midwifery Informatics on Digital Health TV

A member-exclusive benefit featuring hundreds of videos.


Forecasting informatics competencies for nurses in the future of connected health


Nursing Informatics


Nursing midwifery leadership and health informatics


Australian nurses experience with nursing informatics

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