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Dr Angus Ritchie FAIDH, Concord Repatriation General Hospital

Australia’s digital health movement is supported by evidence, research and the documented outcomes of public consultation. The Institute publishes white papers, reviews, surveys and reports of use to its Fellows, Members and the wider community.

This library is steadily growing, providing a valuable professional development resource for those working in health informatics in Australia.


InGeNA strategic plan

InGeNA strategic plan
27 May 2021

Realising the full potential of genomics to personalise healthcare


InGeNA is an alliance between a broad group of industry organisations, formed to bring a shared perspective on critically important areas underpinning the future of genomics and the promise of precision health.

Download the plan (PDF)

AIDH strategic plan

AIDH strategic plan
25 April 2021

A vision for healthier lives, digitally enabled.


The promise of a future patient-centred healthcare system transformed through digital information and technologies sustains the Fellows and Members of the Institute with a vision for healthier lives, digitally enabled.

Download the plan (PDF)


Our COVID tracer app principles
5 May 2020

“Do no harm” in implementing technology.


The Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) have lent their support to the Australian Government’s contact tracing app to aid national efforts to manage and suppress COVID-19.

However, the peak bodies for public healthcare and hospitals, and technology and information professionals, are urging the Government to “do no harm” in implementing the technology. AIDH and AHHA have developed 10 principles for the Australian Government to use in its enabling

Download the Paper (PDF)

White paper
24 February 2020

What is digital health and why does it matter?


What is digital health and why does it matter? By David Rowlands

Digital Health Workforce Academy and the Australasian Institute of Digital Health

Health organisations all over the world are developing and implementing digital health strategies, and companies from start-ups to long-established players are spruiking digital health. But are we all talking about the same thing? This paper presents the view that digital health is in fact something quite new – an evolutionary step in the 70-year journey of the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in the health sector, but a step that transcends technology.

Download the Paper (PDF)

Allied health
July 2019

Allied health professionals have untapped potential:


Allied health professionals have untapped potential: Australia’s highly skilled allied health workforce has been called to action to adopt a coordinated approach to digital health and inspire the next wave of innovative, disruptive solutions that address immediate healthcare challenges. The Allied Health Informatics Position Paper was developed following public consultation across the allied health sector.

Allied health position statement (PDF)

Leadership in Clinical Informatics
July 2018

A HISA White Paper


HISA’s Clinical Informatics Community of Practice (CoP) believes leadership in clinical informatics is imperative if we are to get the future of healthcare right in a world where digital is ubiquitous. Leadership skills in clinical informatics must be developed if we are to ensure technology brings value to healthcare delivery and patient experience. This leadership capability needs to be acknowledged by organisations embarking on their digital transformation and, by professional colleges who hold their registered health care professionals accountable for their conduct and practice.

HIC 2018
30 July 2018

The future of healthcare is digital.


Australia’s growing digital health community gathers every year for the annual health informatics conference HIC. Explore e-health, digital health and health informatics trends and topics for clinicians, technologists, healthcare professionals and digital health leaders in this handbook produced during the 25th annual conference HIC 2018 held in Sydney 29 July – 1 August.

Free download (PDF)

OR download interactive multibook(iPhone, iPad, iMac)

July 2017

A Practitioner’s Guide to Health Informatics in Australia (2nd edition)

David Rowlands


Please note this is a PDF copy.

Certified Health Informatician Australasia, A Practitioner’s Guide to Health Informatics in Australia is published by the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) as a comprehensive body of knowledge for the competencies required for the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) program. It is HISA’s definitive guide for CHIA candidates.

The Practitioner’s Guide has also been developed with other purposes in mind, including orientation for professionals such as clinicians or informaticians new to health informatics and updates for health informaticians wishing to maintain the currency of their knowledge irrespective of certification. It focuses explicitly on the needs of practitioners in the field of health informatics in Australia.

  • Covers all of the 52 CHIA competencies at the level of competence required (knowledge, comprehension, application or analysis)
  • Aimed at helping candidates achieve certification + providing a workplace resource
  • Published electronically, into 8 sections. Purchasers will be sent a zip file to download the complete book

The 2nd edition of the Practitioner’s Guide has been comprehensively reviewed and updated, with major changes in particular to Chapter 9, Health Administration and Health Services Research, resulting from significant changes to the organisation of Australia’s health system and the governance of digital health.

Security Check
8 April 2018

HISA’s cybersecurity community of practice survey report


The results of HISA’s 2017 cybersecurity survey have been discussed over some months at branch meetings and webinars and now the published version has been made available online. There were 157 responses to the survey from a cross-section of organisations. It was conducted across four broad domains to assess awareness and maturity across the healthcare ecosystem:

  • Leadership
  • Culture/Staff responsibility and awareness
  • Policies and procedures
  • General cybersecurity knowledge

OR download interactive multibook (iPhone, iPad, iMac)

Nursing Informatics
6 August 2017



This position statement has been developed to recognise the pivotal role of nurses in the widespread implementation and adoption of digital health technologies throughout the healthcare sector for the primary purpose of improving safety and quality of patient care. The successful planning, implementation, management and sustainability of such technologies cannot be achieved without the unique contribution of nurses.

December 2013

Health Informatics Competencies Framework


The CHIA Health Informatics Competencies Framework provides the context in which the questions for the exam have been developed. The competencies set the minimum requirements in terms of skills, knowledge, understandings and capabilities that will enable a candidate to perform in a professional environment. The competencies serve to define what health informatics professionals know and do. This framework can also be used as a set of guidelines for recruiting purposes, definitions of career pathways, or the design of educational and training activities. The development of this competency framework is expected to play a key role in raising the profile of health informaticians, contributing to a wider recognition of the profession, and defining more clearly the body of knowledge underpinning this discipline.

Position Statements

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