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This is a sponsored post by Vocera

VoceraAs hospital leaders continue to cope with COVID-19 surges and increasingly severe staffing pressures, Christiana Lin from Vocera shares some ways Vocera customers have used our communication technology to ease the hard work of patient care.

Under conditions that have left far too many healthcare workers feeling alone and isolated, Vocera technology makes it easy for staff to connect quickly with each other and with patients even while wearing restrictive PPE,” said Christiana.

Save time, preserve PPE, avoid self-contamination

The [Vocera] Badge eliminated the need to knock on windows, jot down requests and questions on white boards, or stick paper notes to windows to communicate with support staff outside the isolation room. We have found the Badge to be the safest and most efficient means to communicate under PPE and in isolation. The technology helps frontline staff at Tufts save time, preserve PPE, and avoid self-contamination.” – Linda Potts, RN, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at Tufts Medical Center (Read the story).

Connect quickly with an entire emergency team

The wearable, hands-free device allows care team members to quickly connect with individuals by name or role, using simple voice commands like ‘Call ED Charge Nurse.’ We also use the Badge to activate specific emergency teams by saying, ‘Call Code Blue.’ Each person assigned to those specific teams receives the call on their Badge and can act immediately. Care team members can exchange vital information with each other or request help without stopping care delivery or leaving the patient’s bedside. We do not have to worry about gaps in communication, and while wearing PPE.” – Deanna Parker, MBA, MHA, BSN, RN, Assistant Vice President of Emergency Services at Baptist Health Hardin(Read the story).