For those who have registered for next week’s Summit you may remember answering a series of questions while registering online. The results are in and there are some surprising and yet some not entirely unexpected answers.

We already knew that the digital health community are a social bunch and that you are keen to get together in person next week, from the survey we also know that you are keen to grow professionally, learn and connect with industry experts and discover the latest digital health products and services.

In the survey we asked:

What are the barriers to your organisation’s successful introduction of digital health?

Overwhelmingly you said that lack of funding support difficulty in proving the measurable benefits of digital health were key factors.

Interoperability limitations, change resistance and integration of software across jurisdictions were also highlighted.

You also provided some solutions to implementation suggesting that a clear purpose and benefit of digital solutions coupled with adequate funding would go a long way to alleviate the barriers.

What are the digital health priorities for your organisation this year?

The standout priority for the year is to upskill your workforce be that, clinicians or your workforce generally.

It’s not about upskilling clinicians, but ‘downskilling’ technical solutions, so they can be used by every clinician without fear and hesitation, but instead feeling excitement, satisfaction and maybe even joy.

Working with key industry stakeholders to understand current and future digital health needs and developing strategies for artificial intelligence were also key.

Other things that are important to you are implementation of a digital strategy roadmap and health informatics standards development for your workforce.

Consumer/patient engagement and with digital health systems and expanding access for DH into regional and remote Australian’s.

What are you hoping to achieve by attending summit?

Not surprisingly the overwhelming response was the opportunity to network and make new connections.

Hearing from experts, the latest thinking in digital health and supporting the research of peers was also high on the list as was utilising the Summit for professional development.

What are the business challenges driving reliance on digital health in your organisation?

  • 13% Complying with reporting and other regulatory requirements
  • 13% Controlling increasing cost of delivering services (efficiency)
  • 22% Getting more value from the data we collect
  • 7% Improving communication among clinical staff
  • 11% Improving patient safety and reducing risk of clinical error
  • 20% Improving quality of care
  • 13% Integrating clinical practices across our service
  • 1% Recruitment and retention of high-quality clinical staff

Thanks to all those who took part in the survey and we can’t wait to see you next week.