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Internet of things

The internet of things

The internet of things has revolutionary capability to create a precise and personalized health care system. Although the IoT is relatively new, applications include the monitoring of health conditions using vital signs and medical devices, collecting personal biometric and tracking data through wearable devices, opportunities for real-time monitoring, smart home technologies and devices that can provide feedback for physical and mental health conditions. It also includes sensors and internet-enabled devices including smartphones, that are interconnected and intelligent with the ability for algorithm based decision making.

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Our innovation guide David Jonas facilitated a focused health leader lunch that explored and delved into “Healthcare and the Internet of Things“.

David explored the dynamics of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its application in healthcare. He brought a range of perspectives on the devices and systems collecting data and what it may mean for innovative change.

Together, we explored questions including:

  • Where are we in relation to IoT in healthcare?
  • What is the potential given the future direction of technology?
  • How do we generate and get new ideas into healthcare?
  • How do we leverage and learn from other industries and sectors?

Innovation guide

David Jonas is the Chief Operating Officer of Capital Markets CRC and leads the Health R&D program. He was the founding CEO of Lorica Health and remains on its Board.

David is also on the Board of Infoxchange. He was the founder/CEO of electronic commerce advisory firm, ETC which was acquired by Securenet (now part of Verizon). David’s leadership in e-government and e-commerce led to appointments to a range of Australian and European Union Government bodies.

David brings a wealth of experience to lead the next instalment in our series.


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