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Culture of innovation

Culture of innovation

How can healthcare build a culture of innovation and ultimately transform to be a better connected system? There may be no shortage of good ideas, but there are still many internal, organisational and structural barriers which make it difficult to bring those ideas into reality. We need to start thinking differently about how we approach healthcare in general. That is, how we engage with health consumers and patients around their health literacy and personal well-being, how we manage good ideas to projects and acceptance of failure, and how we collaborate and work together as key stakeholders in building an asynchronous healthcare system.

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Our key take-away as participants and observers at the event were:

  • The culture, approaches and systems required for effective innovation in healthcare
  • What are the business drivers of innovation in healthcare?
  • What are the disruptive services, product offerings, technologies and business models in the healthcare landscape?
  • How do we manage the risks and inherent failures of innovation?
  • How do we trial new ideas beyond the domains of our current funding, systems and processes?
  • How do we leverage the cross-functional and cross-industry collaboration that innovation demands?

This session also reflected on the Australian Government’s Innovation Statement and State government programs, and highlighted changes in legislation regarding corporate governance and innovation.

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Simon Terry provides consulting, advice, speaking and thought leadership to global clients through his own consulting practice, and as Chairman and Owner of Change Agents Worldwide Pty Ltd, a network of progressive and passionate professionals, specializing in Future of Work technologies and practices. Simon’s practice focuses on assisting organizations to transform customer experience, collaboration and leadership through leverage of purposeful, agile and innovative teams.

Simon writes on social collaboration, leadership, digital transformation and the future of work at his blog and on twitter. Simon was previously CEO of HICAPS, one of Australia’s leading healthcare payments solutions and in this role was responsible for leading innovation in conjunction with many participants in the Australian Healthcare system, including government, private health insurers and providers.


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