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Industry spotlight series

An AIDH exclusive opportunity

Series overview

The AIDH Industry spotlight series seeks to shine a light on leading industry capability and expertise in emerging digital technologies and digital health, and their application across health and other sectors.

It provides an opportunity for those interested in investing, designing and implementing digital health transformation and change programs to attend a series of masterclasses to understand more about the technical capabilities, methodologies, approaches and applications of a rapidly maturing and advancing digital market.

Each event in this virtual series will be a structured masterclass delivered by industry experts with clearly defined learning outcomes for participants and attendees. It will include a conceptual and technical understanding of the capabilities being discussed, applications across other sectors both internationally and nationally, relevant case studies, and a hands-on approach to understanding steps towards design and implementation.

In this time of considerable change in healthcare and the pressures of responding to the pandemic crisis and other demands, it is important we come together in collaboration, leverage skills and expertise, and learn from others’ experience in addressing and implementing change.

Hosted by AIDH, the Industry spotlight series will seek to foster this collaboration, bringing the sector together and shine a light on advancing industry capability.

Are you interested?

Please talk to Chris Jordan, Head of Partnerships, about booking your spot in this series and about organisational membership and premium partnerships. Hurry places are limited.

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