DRIVING REFORM: Digital health is everyone’s business

mClearyThe Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) is pleased to invite you to participate in HIC 2015, Australia’s premier digital health, health informatics and e-health conference and expo. This 23rd HIC will be held from 3 – 5 August 2015 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The conference is chaired by Dr Michael Cleary, Deputy Director-General Health Services and Clinical Innovation Division Queensland Health, supported by a wonderful team of people who are passionate about the transformation of healthcare through ICT.

Healthcare is a sector which is ripe for innovation and reform. We can reform the system and the way it operates through smarter collection and use of information and data. Health informatics is critical to the achievement of a smart, digital healthcare system that delivers improved patient outcomes and efficiencies.

HIC 2015 will set the scene for this innovative change by bringing together world leaders and innovative processes to generate ideas and practical knowledge.

The rapid increase and availability of digital technologies in society is creating disruptive change in the health sector. It is also delivering a platform to drive reform across the health system.

Digital technologies are now moving into mainstream thinking, where health services are being technology enabled to respond to ever increasing demand and financial pressures. This includes:

  • Responding to increasing consumer demand and expectations
  • Enabling more relevant and real-time information to clinical practitioners
  • Providing greater ability for decision makers to manage and monitor performance and redirect resources

Technology is at a stage where the benefits can no longer be ignored by healthcare professionals, policy makers and administrators. Digital hospitals are now being implemented, information collected and exchanged across providers, there is the emergence of participatory medicine, and rapid growth of consumer technology and wearable devices. There is the opportunity to apply these changes into new healthcare business models and practices.

3 Days of HIC 2015

DAY 1 Driving Reform it is everyone’s business – setting the scene for the conference and providing specialist tracks on Nursing Informatics, Digital Hospital Design

DAY 2 Reform through participatory medicine – providing insights and exploring participatory medicine, patient outcomes through shared information and decision making. This day also includes the Aged Care Informatics stream.

DAY 3 Reform through the power of data – innovative change through enabling access to, and sharing and exchange of data and information

Hacking Health – (day 1-3)  Healthcare experts, designers, developers, engineers, patients, and mentors will collaborate and co-create solutions and digital health prototypes to pressing healthcare challenges

Innovation Expo – Australia’s largest e-health expo. Check out new products and solutions to help you deliver better healthcare.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the role of digital health as a critical part of the future of healthcare and system change
  • Awareness of system outcomes by joined-up data and information exchange across public/private providers
  • Understanding consumer trends, the applicability and uptake of digital health technology and the opportunities and impacts it brings
  • How to participate and grow the benefits of open data
  • Practical learning from specific case studies and program initiatives