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HIC 2024

Submissions have now closed

Presentation Options

Presentations at HIC 2024 will be a combination of oral presentations, poster presentations, panel sessions, lightning talks and interactive learning labs.

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Concurrent Oral Presentations

Concurrent sessions are meticulously curated to cater to diverse interests. They offer a unique opportunity for attendees to tailor their conference experience by selecting sessions aligned with their interests, professional goals, and current challenges.

In this enriching segment of our conference, attendees will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of concurrent sessions, each offering a unique lens into different facets of digital health.
This immersive experience promises a multifaceted exploration of the latest trends, innovations, and research breakthroughs across various disciplines.


15 min

Max Presenters


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Lightning Presentations

In five minutes, speakers will electrify the stage, delivering impactful research insights, innovative ideas, and compelling case studies that will leave you enlightened, engaged, energised and informed.


5 min

Max Presenters



Poster Presentations

Posters provide a visual forum in which authors can present their work to conference attendees to access in their own time and during dedicated poster sessions.

Posters are an opportunity to describe new work or work that is still in progress.

Submissions can include, but are not limited to late-breaking and preliminary results, smaller results not suitable for an oral presentation, contributions by collaborative (inter-)national research projects, innovative ideas not yet validated through user studies, early student research, and other research best presented in a self-directed form.


3 min

Max Presenters



Learning Labs

Led by expert facilitators, learning labs are deep dive sessions with interactive, hands-on learning activities with specific takeaways for professional growth and development.

Learning Labs will have clearly articulated learning outcomes and involve problem-solving activities, case studies, or real-world scenarios to help participants apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills.


90 min

Max Presenters



Provocative Panels

Provocative Panels bring together a group of people discussing a topic important to digital health. Panels are an excellent way to generate debate, raise new and interesting issues at HIC, and hear multiple points of view on a topic.


60 min

Max Presenters

5 + facilitator

Learning Lab and Provocative Panel Submissions

Early submission of Learning Labs and Provocative Panels is crucial for shaping a dynamic conference program. This allows us ample time to curate a diverse and engaging program, ensuring relevance and depth. Early submissions also facilitate thoughtful coordination among presenters, enhancing overall coherence and providing delegates with a well-crafted, enriching event.
April 17

Panel and Learning Lab Submissions Close

17 April 2024

Oral, Poster, and Lightning Talk Submissions

Choose the option that best describes your proposed presentation at HIC: Academic, Clinical or Industry.
If you have undertaken research in a clinical or industry setting and would like the opportunity to publish, please choose Academic.

April 17

Abstract and Paper Submissions Close

17 April 2024



Presenting your research, project, innovation, experience and learnings at HIC2024 puts you in front of Australasia’s digital health leaders, experts and innovators who are transforming the healthcare sector.



Abstracts are invited from practitioners working in a clinical environment. Projects can focus on topics including innovative models of care, integrated and connected care, and informatics infrastructure. Ideally, projects will have been implemented and evaluated in a clinical setting, and are potentially transferable to other sites.



Industry presentations provide delegates with practical insights into how digital health care initiatives are being used to transform the health system and improve patient outcomes. The aim is to provide a platform for exposure to novel concepts/design and new or emerging innovations.