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Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health Conference

NMiDH 2024
The Nursing Midwifery in Digital Health Conference (#NMiDH24), Australia’s only dedicated nursing and midwifery informatics event will be on Saturday 3 August 2024 and dedicated optional workshops on Sunday 4 August at the Brisbane Convention Centre before HIC.
As the population ages and workforce shortages persist, nurses and midwives across various health disciplines face mounting pressure to meet rising demands. This challenge is compounded by the fact that more than 75 000 nurses and midwives have left the profession, further intensifying the strain on the nursing and midwifery workforce.

Not only are digital technologies powerful tools for addressing these challenges, they are also key drivers for new care delivery models. Nurses and midwives of the future will enjoy the freedom of new working locations and new ways of communicating with people, virtually and in person. They will need to demonstrate proficiency in an ever-expanding range of new technologies, collect and extract health data from various sources, and leverage advanced clinical insights derived from patterns and trends to make well-informed decisions. In addition, nurses and midwives will advocate for their care recipients to ensure they have greater understanding, control over, and access to, their own health data.

‘It Starts With Us’ – acknowledges that nurses and midwives as a community must take a prominent role in ensuring that digital health solutions positively impact our practice. NMiDH 2024 will provide a platform for discovering innovative solutions to improve digitally enabled person-centred nursing and midwifery care – from a clinical, educative, managerial, leadership, and research perspective. It is vital that nursing and midwifery build a community that supports digital transformation at a local, state, national, and international level so we can engage globally in this important agenda.

Together, we can influence nursing and midwifery’s contribution to effective digital transformation across all sectors of the healthcare environment and demonstrate how our capability embraces and leads current and emerging technologies within a connected care continuum.

Will you join us on this journey?

Tracks, Themes and Topics

Digital professionalism – encompassing the professional standards within the digital healthcare environment

  • Creating the digital future for nurses and midwives
  • Preparing the future nursing and midwifery workforce
  • Digital literacy amongst nurses and midwives
  • Protecting the providers and recipients of our care through digital security and privacy
  • The scope of nursing and midwifery practice in a digital healthcare environment
  • The consequences of digital poverty
  • Digital identity and why it is so important to master
  • Role of nursing/midwifery informatics in contributing to climate justice

Data and information enabled care – encompassing quality in the capture, creation, use, and analysis of clinical data

  • Role of nurses and midwives in the management of data
  • Translation of nursing and midwifery data to information, knowledge, and wisdom
  • Data informed decision making
  • Digital health governance
  • New models of care in response to technology
  • The impact of digital health on nursing/midwifery practice
  • Data standardisation

Leadership and advocacy – encompassing the active involvement of nurses and midwives in leading digital health policy and vision

  • Partnering with recipients of care/consumers about data collection, access, and use
  • Educating colleagues and consumers about digital health initiatives
  • Advocating for consumer access to digital health initiatives
  • Championing the use of digital health technologies
  • Influencing organisational and jurisdictional digital health strategies
  • Advocating for digital initiatives at a local, national, and international level
  • Promoting emerging digital health initiatives
  • Leading the design, implementation, and evaluation of digital health technologies
  • Changing roles of leaders and teams in digital health


Margaret Dempsey

Margaret Dempsey

Project Officer
Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)

Bradley Chesham

Bradley Chesham

Bundle of Rays



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Registrations for NMiDH are now open.

When and Where

When: Saturday 3 August and Sunday 4th August
Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre


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Call for Papers

Submissions are encouraged across a range of healthcare settings including public and private hospitals, nursing, primary care, indigenous, aged and community care and multi-cultural services.

We invite authors to submit their research, projects, innovations, experiences, and learnings that will enable nurses and midwives to achieve increased confidence and capability in the use of digital health in their practice.