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HIC 2024 5 – 7 August 2024 | Brisbane

About HIC

If you are in the business of healthcare, you are invited to partner with us, or present your healthcare solutions and innovations in front of Australia’s digital health leaders, decision-makers and forward-thinkers.

About HIC

The Health Informatics Conference (HIC) is Australia’s premier and longest-running digital health and health informatics conference and expo.

Presented by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), Australia’s digital health community, it offers three days of clinical, scientific and academic presentations, case studies and success stories as well as free workshops, masterclasses, networking opportunities and a prestigious gala dinner and awards night.

HIC is the meeting place for:

  • Digital health research, trends and knowledge exchange
  • Thought leadership and influence
  • Public and private health sector innovation
  • Health tech, start-ups and digital entrepreneurship

A brief history of HIC

The first Health Informatics Conference took place in Brisbane on 2-3 August 1993. Its title was ‘Health Informatics into the Twenty First Century’. It consisted of 309 participants, 11 sponsors and 16 trade exhibitors. The second day of the conference saw the birth of the Health Informatics Society of Australia. HISA was created as a national focus point for health informatics activities and to promote and advocate for health informatics and e-health.

Today, HIC attracts around 1000 delegates per year, 50 exhibitors and sponsors and supporting organisations. HIC’s speakers are leaders in health informatics research, technology and policy from all over the world.

The purpose of HIC is to bring together stakeholders from every area of healthcare and facilitate their collaboration on health informatics projects. HIC also aims to bring in those within the healthcare sector who were previously unaware that they were working in health informatics roles. Although thousands of people employed in the healthcare sector in Australia are doing health informatics work, they are often unaware of the fact.

By connecting these people to each other and to the professional education provided by HIC, the Institute of Digital Health aims to improve our healthcare system and by extension the health of all Australians.