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Workshop 1

Health data management in your organisation – do you need to update your approach?

Presented by Gil Carter @gilcarter Principal, Voronoi

Managing the digital health data in a health organisation is becoming increasingly complex. With new legislation for data breaches now in force, patient consent and information management in the news, and connected health programmes working across organisations, many areas of health data management have changed in 2018.

For practice managers, PHNs and health information managers, these changes may affect how you manage patient information and may require updates to your business operations to handle. This hands-on workshop will discuss the data management challenges in the health environment, and will work through a quick self-assessment to let you see where your organisation might need to undertake further work.

Target audience:

Although the focus of the workshop is health administrators, there may be a broader demographic attracted. The expected attendees are:

  • Health informaticians
  • Staff from LHD / LHN / HHS / other state-based health organisations
  • PHN staff
  • General practice admins
  • Aged care providers
  • Allied health providers
  • Private health providers
  • Software vendors
  • Clinicians
  • Information enthusiasts

Learning objectives

  • Understand health data management in 2018
  • Learn about recent changes and what they may mean for your organisation
  • Self-assess your own organisation, with a scorecard to take away

Masterclass 1

SMART on FHIR: Writing applications for your clinical data

Presented by Mark Braunstein, Processor of the Practice, School of Interactive Computing Georgia Institute of Technology.

Mark Braunstein, MD, an author and thought-leader in the field, teaches health informatics in the School of Interactive Computing of the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

After a successful career as a health IT entrepreneur, he joined Georgia Tech in 2007 as a Professor of the Practice. He developed the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the field and his unique health informatics graduate seminar was the first to be centered on HL7’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standard. In it, student teams work with domain experts to solve problems that often involve analytics.