Why and who attends?

Why attend?

Health Data Analytics 2019 is the place where you will hear about the emerging trend for personalised healthcare and the groundswell of consumer-collected health data flowing in to the health system, offering both challenges and opportunities for improved – evidence based – patient care.

Who attends?

Health Data Analytics will provide knowledge on how to get valuable information into the hands of clinicians and health service managers, where it can be used for decision-making and improving health outcomes for patients.

A particular focus will be the increasing role of the CIO and CMIO in hospitals and health systems and the clinicians, health informatics and health IT staff that are being tasked with delivering the change to a data driven health service.

Need help getting approval to attend our conference?

Use the following five points to assist your application.

What you learn at Health Data Analytics will improve the quality and effectiveness of your work.
Health Data Analytics presents a unique opportunity for networking with key decision-makers and leading industry experts.
Reconnect and forge new alliances with like-minded peers. Health Data Analytics is the place to imagine, plan and kick-start new projects
Take what you learn at Health Data Analytics back to your organisation and present what you have learned to your managers and co-works
Conference registration fees may be tax deductable. Please refer to your tax accountant for advice.