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8:00 am Registration opens
Plenary 1: Preparing for an AI future
8:50 am Welcome and introductions
Dr David Hansen, Chair, HDA 2019 @dhansen35
9:00 am Data driven approaches to customer service – what we need to consider
Dr Ian Oppermann CEO and Chief Data Scientist, NSW Department of Customer Service @ian_oppermann
9:30 am Global perspectives for AI and data analytics in healthcare
Prashant Natarajan Co-Faculty, AI and Analytics, Stanford University @BigDataCXO
10:00 am Ensuring e-safety is on our health data agenda
A/Prof Farah Magrabi Associate Professor, Centre for Health Informatics, Macquarie University @farahmagrabi
10:30 am Morning tea and exhibition
11:00-12:15 Concurrents
Concurrent 1: AI and machine learning Concurrent 2: Data analytics: Practical applications
11:00 am Improving disease prediction using machine learning
Prof Anthony Maeder Professor of Digital Health Systems, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre, Flinders University @anthonymaeder
Using routinely collected electronic health record data to explore primary health care provision for anxiety disorders
Melissa Chapman NPS MedicineWise

11:15 am Supervised machine learning algorithms for disease prediction using administrative claim data
Dr Shahadat Uddin Senior Lecturer, The University of Sydney @UddinShahadat
Enabling drug-drug interaction alerts in an electronic mediation management system: Impact on prescriber alert burden
Anmol Sandhu E-Medicines Management Pharmacist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney
11:30 am Artificial Intelligence in healthcare – managing precision, practice and propriety – the challenge of adoption
Peter Williams Healthcare Innovator, Oracle @Oracle
Harnessing the potential of electronic medical records with data analytics in back pain
Dr Gustavo Machado Research Fellow, National Health and Medical Research Council @gustavocmachado
11:45 am A machine learning approach to predict self-harm among young people attending youth mental health services
Dr Frank Iorfino Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The University of Sydney @frankiorfino
Making good health data uses real. Practical processes and tools for accountability by design
Prof Peter Leonard Professor of Practice, University of NSW Business School @PGLeonard
12:00 pm Pilot experience with use of artificial intelligence in ICU
Gurkiran Kaur Senior Data Scientist, United Overseas Bank
Using health data analytics to inform clinical decision making in mental health care
Tim Seears InnoWell @tseears
12:15 pm Lunch and exhibition
1:10-2:30 Concurrents
Concurrent 3: Genomics: The next wave Concurrent 4: Health data insights: Research and evaluation
1:15 pm Serverless beacon: Helping take genomic analysis from the cloud to the clinic
Brendan Hosking Solutions Engineer, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane @ehealthresearch
Teaching artificial intelligence to non-computer scientists using realworld data science tools
Oscar Perez-Concha Lecturer, Centre for Big Data Research in Health
1:30 pm Enablers of rapid clinical implementation of new genomic analytic methods
Kate Birch Data and Tech Program Manager, Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance @Kate__Birch
Validation of the InnoWell platform. A clinical trial protocol
Tracey Davenport The University of Sydney @Sydney_Uni
1:45 pm Developing computable phenotypes for cardiometabolic risk factors in the EMR: The SPEED-EXTRACT study
Dr Richard Morris, Translational Data Scientist, Centre for Translational Data Science, The University of Sydney @sydney_uni
Diabetes Inpatient Surveillance Dashboard: Evaluation of Effectiveness
David Pryce Manager Business Analytics Services, Western Sydney Local Health District
2:00 pm The clinical and economic outcomes of whole genome sequencing availability on containing a hospital outbreak of resistant Escherichia coli
Thomas Elliott Health Economist, QIMR Berghofer @QIMRBerghofer
Novel use of electronic health record (EHR) data to improve the diagnosis and treatment of chronic hepatitis C in Australian general practice using MedicineInsight
Kendal Chidwick Epidemiology Lead, MedicineInsight Research, NPS MedicineWise @NPSMedicineWise
2:15 pm Which children and adolescents re-present to The Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department with self-harm. Understanding the prevalence, risk and protective factors using electronic administrative data
Peter Summers Honorary Researcher, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne
2:30 pm Afternoon tea and exhibition
Plenary 2: Organisational challenges
3:00 pm A health community approach to data quality: More efficient data sharing to support better care delivery
Kate Ebrill Product Manager, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane @ehealthresearch
Dr Nathan Pinskier GP, Medi7 @drnatpin
3:30 pm Data driven improvement: A ‘one system’ approach to integrated care
Ray Messom CEO, WentWest @RayMessom
4:00 pm DEBATE: “Machines like me” – AI will improve healthcare to a degree which makes the risks irrelevant
Facilitators Prof Trish Williams and Emma Hossack
5:00 pm Networking Reception


8:30 am Registration opens
Plenary 3: Quality and communicating data
9:00 am AI in health: The ethical considerations
Prof Toby Walsh Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of NSW Sydney @TobyWalsh
9:30 am People, ideas, machines. And in that order – Bringing AI into the health system
Prof Enrico Coiera Director, Centre for Health Informatics, Macquarie University @EnricoCoiera
9:50 am The heart of our health system: Data for driving continuous improvement in health service delivery and quality
Narelle Doss Chief Digital Strategy Officer, eHealth Queensland @eHealthQLD
10:00 am Considerations for using free text fields in clinical data for research and analysis
Prof Karin Verspoor Deputy Director, Health and Biomedical Informatics Centre, The University of Melbourne @karinv
10:30 am Morning tea and exhibition
11:00-12:15 Concurrents
Concurrent 5: Digital hospitals: Deriving value from data Concurrent 6: Linking data
11:00 am Intelligent health applications require first-class interoperability
Steve Pisani Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, InterSystems @InterSystems
Bridging the data gap between primary and secondary care
Maureen Turner BioGRID Australia @biogrid
11:15 am Getting off work on time – using data to drive clinician efficiency in EMR
Lauren Andrew, EMR Optimisation Manager, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne @RCHMelbourne
Managing data quality at scale: The national health services directory
Allen Nugent Senior Data Analyst, Healthdirect Australia @healthdirectAU
11:30 am Utilising live patient dashboards to improve VTE risk assessment and prevention
Dr Anthony Barberi Medical Clinical Informatics Analyst, Western Health western_health
Enabling better patient outcomes with a secure, extensible and linkable general practice data set
Yuen Ai Lee Data Warehouse and Health Technology Solutions Manager, NPS MedicineWise @NPSMedicineWise
11:45 am Applying machine learning to electronic medical records to uncover missed diagnoses. The SPEED-EXTRACT study
Dr Aldo Saavedra Senior Research Scientist, The University of Sydney @Sydney_Uni
Design and implementation of a learning health system in Australia
Dr Thomas Cundy Clinical Advisor, Data Dissect Pty Ltd @tomcundy
12:00 pm Getting our monkey on
Sravani Nyayapathy Decision Support Analyst, NSW Health @NSWHealth
One year on, how helpful was the data in reducing low value care?
Dr Joanna Lawrence Paediatrician, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne @DrJoannaL
Alice Voskoboynik, EMR Data Analyst, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne @RCHMelbourne
12:30-1:30 Lunch and exhibition
1:30-3:00 Concurrents
Concurrent 7: Standards and data interoperability Masterclass / Workshop
1:15 pm Analytics with FHIR and SNOMED CT: Bridging the tooling gap
John Grimes Principal Research Consultant, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane @ehealthresearch
Masterclass: Modernising health data architectures for AI initiatives
Jon Teo APJ Healthcare & Data Governance Specialist, Informatica @JonHealthBA
1:30 pm ERICA: a cloud orchestration meta-framework for secure health data analytics
Dr Tim Churches Senior Research Fellow in Health Data Science, South Western Sydney Clinical School, University of NSW Sydney @swsydUNSW
1:45 pm Text mining electronic medical records (EMR) to identify and examine testing and outcomes of patients presenting to Emergency Departments with low risk of cardiac-related chest pain. The SPEED-EXTRACT Study
Dr Charmaine Tam, Senior Research Fellow, The University of Sydney @Sydney_Uni
2:00 pm SNOMED CT for regional and national chronic diagnosis analysis and reporting
Kylynn Loi Terminologist, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane @ehealthresearch
Masterclass: Making sense of data ethics: Just because you can, should you?
Liz Jones Associate Director GWI @GWI_Aus
Michelle Teis Partner GWI @GWI_Aus
2:15 pm An introduction to analysing a SNOMED CT coded dataset using FHIR terminology server
Matthew Cordell Terminology Specialist, Australian Digital Health Agency @Matt_Cordell
2:30 pm Afternoon tea and exhibition
3:30-4:40 Plenary 4: Details coming soon
3:00 pm International sharing of genomic and phenotypic data: challenges and opportunities
A/Prof Zornitza Stark Clinical Geneticist, Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute @zornitzas
Alejandro Metke, Senior Research Scientist, Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane
3:30 pm Artificial intelligence in the clinical world
Dr Rishi Verma Co-Founder and CEO, Stethy
4:00 pm Using linked administrative data to improve outcomes for vulnerable families in NSW
Dr Peter Mulquiney Principal Taylor Fry
4:30 pm Closing conference remarks
Dr David Hansen, Chair, HDA 2019 @DHansen35
4:40 pm Conference concludes