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Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health

Fellowship of the Institute recognises your outstanding professional accomplishment in digital health and health informatics. You will hold the highest membership level of the Institute, acknowledging your education, experience and the impact you make on the health sector.

Tony Abbenante FAIDH

What is a Fellow?

A Fellow is the highest category of professional attainment bestowed by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health. Fellows of the Institute are national and international thought leaders, experts and trusted advisers in the digital health movement.

Your status as an AIDH Fellow will give you:

  • the right to include the post-nominals “FAIDH” after your name as evidence of your professional accomplishment
  • entrance into the AIDH Fellowship Alumni
  • a widely recognised expression of your professional achievements and status in health informatics and digital health
  • an industry/career standing recognised by major employers and recruiters

An Associate Fellowship may be bestowed upon an outstanding health informatics professional to recognise their professional achievements on the way to receiving Fellowship status.

Do you qualify?

To be eligible for admission to the Australasian Institute of Digital Health as a Fellow or Associate Fellow, you must fulfill a specified level of academic, work and community experience criteria assessed on a points system, and also:

  • have the capacity to make or have made a measurable contribution to digital health and health informatics, and
  • be an ethical user of health information, demonstrate professional integrity and have verifiable professional documentation.

Executive pathway to Fellowship

Digital health executives are invited to apply for Fellowship or Associate Fellowship of AIDH. This recognises the important role digital health executives have at the forefront of guiding the health sector into a digital future. Becoming a fellow through the executive pathway includes membership of AIDH’s community for executives ‘Digital Health Executive Network’. Please download the application form to review the criteria and application instructions.

How to apply

AIDH Members

If you are already a Member of AIDH, it’s easy to apply for an upgrade to Fellowship. Download and complete the  Fellowship Application Form and gather the required documentation, then apply to upgrade by submitting your documents using the online fellowship application and paying the fee.


When you apply for Fellowship, you automatically become a Member of the Institute while your eligibility is being assessed.

To commence the application process, download and complete the Fellowship Application Form and gather the required documentation.

Then complete the online membership application (choose ‘Join’ as a Fellow or Associate Fellow in the tables on this page), upload your documents and pay the fee.

AFAIDH upgrading to FAIDH

If you are already an Associate Fellow of AIDH wishing to apply for a Fellow, please follow these instructions.

If you applied for AFAIDH before October 2020 – download and complete the Fellowship Application Form, gather the required documentation as if this is your first application, and email your documentation to [email protected]

If you applied for AFAIDH after October 2020:

  • Update your original AIDH Fellowship application form by adding new information to it using a different font colour while keeping all the original information.
  • Provide your CV or an up-to-date LinkedIn profile only if you update section D of your form (please check that your CV/LinkedIn profile is consistent with details you give in your AIDH Fellowship application form).
  • Provide proof of your education for every new qualification claimed (e.g. graduation certificate or official educational transcripts) only if you update section B of your form.
  • Provide written statement from one referee – using the AIDH Fellowship Referee formonly if you update section E of your form. Please note there is a section on the AIDH Fellowship Referee form that requires the candidate to complete BEFORE sending to Referee. Referee cannot be an employee of the applicant, but it can be one of your original Referees.
  • Email your documentation to [email protected]

A/Prof Farah Magrabi FAIDH

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