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Why and who attends

Why attend the Institute Summit?

  • The Summit events are presented by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), the leading professional body for digital health and health informatics driving the digital health movement for more than 25 years.
  • The best connections: In 2020, the Summit events bring together the digital health community, leadership, experts and innovators who are transforming the health system.
  • We’re bigger than the sum of our parts! The Summit covers all aspects of digital health including telehealth, virtual care and health data analytics.
  • Local knowledge, national purpose: The Summit will be on the ground in five States, with in-person or virtual access. Hear local speakers and national themes.
  • When you attend the Summit in person you also gain access to ALL presenters from all five states on demand!
  • Marketing reach: The Summit events comprise the Institute’s largest marketing campaign for a digital health event in Australia, with 20 million+ social media impressions and 70% of AIDH website traffic being Summit related.
  • The Summit provides access to the AIDH community of 16,000+ nationally and internationally, with a further market penetration to 18,000+ in partnership with Pulse+IT news site.
  • Sponsors and partners are treated as trusted collaborators throughout the event planning process, and are offered unique tailored opportunities based on business objectives, budget, target audience and time frame.
  • Building on a legacy of more than 25 years, AIDH was formed from a merger between the Health Informatics Society of Australia and the Australasian College of Health Informatics in February 2020, bringing together the Fellows and Members of the leading professional bodies into one united voice.
  • Find your tribe: We want you to be part of the digital health movement. Join an event in person or virtually in your State and connect with the community talking your language.

Need help getting approval to attend?

Use the following six points to assist your application.

The Institute Summit is the forefront of digital health, e-health and health informatics in Australia.

What you learn will improve the quality and effectiveness of your work.

This is a unique opportunity for networking with key decision-makers and leading industry experts.

Reconnect and forge new alliances with like-minded peers. The Institute Summit is the place to imagine, plan, and kick-start new projects.

Take what you learn back to your organisation and present what you have learned to your colleagues.

Conference registration fees may be tax deductable. Please refer to your tax accountant for advice.

Who attends?

Healthcare consumers
Medical software and systems developers
Healthcare IT professionals
Innovators and entrepreneurs
Biomedical and health informatics researchers and students
Health system administrators and managers
Public health professionals
Technologists and telehealth providers
Nurses and midwives
Residential and aged care providers
Health informaticians
Directors of Nursing
Health and healthcare standards developers
Healthcare executives including CIOs and CEOs
Government officials and policy makers
Data analysts

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