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The Summit Start-up Hub

Applications to be part of the #DHIS2020 Start-up Hub have now closed. We look forward to showcasing all approved products at the Summit.

Invitation to the digital health start-up community

The Digital Health Institute Summit presents a Start-up Hub for digital health innovators.

Proudly brought to you by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health and sponsored by the Pfizer Healthcare Hub, you are invited to be part of the Institute’s inaugural conference and to showcase your products in health, medical or biotechnology to influential delegates from a range of industries, including both public and private hospitals, state and federal government, primary care, community care, public health and more.

We are looking for organisations that are ready to lead and influence the progression of digital health in Australia.

We want to hear from you!

To participate, please complete this EOI before Friday, 16 October 2020

After we assess your EOI, the Institute will contact you to arrange your video and profile uploads.

Qualifying start-ups have the opportunity to take part as we put the spotlight on digital health developments, technology and innovators from across Australasia and internationally.

The opportunity:

  • Add your company profile to the dedicated start-up showcase on the virtual conference platform.
  • Add a 15-minute video presentation of your innovation to a dedicated start-up video showcase.
  • Gain access to the full conference programs, plus network and engage with conference delegates with two virtual conference registrations.

Qualifying criteria*:

  1. You have a commercially available digital healthcare product or service that is already available, or can be sold, in Australia
  2. Your business has been trading for less than five years
  3. You can demonstrate your outstanding digital health innovation through a case study or customer success story

*Qualifying companies are provided this opportunity at no cost.


A message from Pfizer Healthcare Hub

As a global leader in healthcare, Pfizer is committed to pursuing an ongoing vision of transforming people’s lives through innovative solutions to real health problems. This commitment is the driving force behind Pfizer Healthcare Hub – an exciting initiative that empowers health tech innovators with the extensive knowledge, contacts and resources that an organisation like Pfizer can provide.