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CXIO Network

Dr Monica Trujillo FAIDH, Cerner

About the Network

The CXIO Network aims to provide a common platform for clinical leaders in digital health to share information – from innovations to emerging clinical issues and solutions – in order to deliver improved patient care.

The Network is a targeted forum for clinical leaders in digital health to share information, collaborate and be part of Australia’s digital health movement. It comprises clinical leaders, informaticians, managers, decision-makers and influencers who are committed to the transformation of the health system through digital health. The network is supported by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, in partnership with the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Join the network

Membership is open to clinical leaders who share a passion for furthering the adoption of digital technologies to deliver better healthcare.

If you are a clinical leader working in healthcare, and want to further digital health in your organisation, we want to hear from you! As a member you will receive:

  • Access to our members-only online forum, operating under Chatham House Rule
  • Exclusive invitations to best practice and networking events
  • Free access to our regular webinar sessions
  • Up to date news and insights delivered to your inbox

To request access please complete the Expression of Interest form and we will advise on the next steps.

Already a member?

If you are already a member, join the conversation now! With some great discussions happening on this forum, you do not want to miss out.

We love to hear from you

The CXIO Network has been created especially for clinical leaders in digital health. The more information you give us, the better we’ll be able to tailor our content, events and discussions to directly benefit you. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts.

Clinicians need to take responsibility for improving healthcare outcomes by using digital technology. This network is a great step in enabling them and empowering them to deliver on the great potential of digital health.

Dr George Margelis CHIA

The network is a unique opportunity for clinicians with an interest in digital health to both learn from, and teach, their peers in this sector. More importantly, as we move forward, it’ll be a critical factor in the transformation of healthcare in Australia.

Prof Chris Bain FAIDH

Clinicians have a unique role in transforming the health system – they are both advancers and protectors in the digital health age. We are ready to make great strides in clinical workforce development relating to digital health and the network will go a long way to meeting this need.

Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH CHIA

Digital disruption of healthcare presents a huge opportunity for us to transform the way we deliver healthcare in the 21st century. However, clinical engagement and leadership is essential to truly harness the potential and deliver on the goals of increased safety, quality, and efficiency. The CXIO Network will create opportunities for shared learnings, greater collaboration and increased awareness of the importance of co-designing our future with the clinicians at the coalface.

Dr Damian Claydon-Platt CHIA


The CXIO Network Governance Committee consists of:

Dr Monica Trujillo

Dr Monica Trujillo


Chief Medical Officer (CMO) & Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO),

Prof Chris Bain FAIDH

Prof Chris Bain FAIDH

Professor of Practice,
Monash University

Dr Michael Cleary

Dr Michael Cleary

Executive Director, Princess Alexandra Hospital,
Metro South Health

Dr Mark Merolli FAIDH CHIA

Dr Mark Merolli FAIDH CHIA

Senior Lecturer & Research Fellow,
University of Melbourne

Angela Ryan

Angela Ryan

CCIO, General Manager Workforce and Education,
Australian Digital Health Agency

Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH CHIA

Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH CHIA

Chief Executive Officer,


What is a CXIO?

The “X” in CXIO refers to a variant of a Chief “X” Information Officer and typically aligns to a specific professional stream. For instance, Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO), Chief Nursing Informatics Officer (CNIO), Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO), Chief Pharmacy Informatics Officers (CPIO), Chief Dental Informatics Officers (CDIO) and others. It is a key executive role in organisations that are maturing their digital footprint and aims to harmoniously link the technical and clinical domains.

Do I have to be a CXIO to join the network?

Eligible members of the CXIO Network include clinicians who are acknowledged and titled CXIO (e.g. CCIO, CMIO, CNIO and CPIOs) by their organisations. It also includes emerging clinical leaders, digital champions, clinical informaticians and others aspiring to these roles. The Network will be inclusive to those with a health professional background; those who either have or are eligible to have a current AHPRA number and / or those who are clinically trained.

What is the main purpose of this network?

Australia has some of the most knowledgeable clinicians globally on digital health, but we are a vast nation with states working in isolation. The CXIO Network aims to provide a common platform for digital health leaders to share information – from innovations to emerging clinical issues and solutions – in order to build a confident and savvy digital health workforce.

What are the criteria for being called a clinical leader?

The CXIO Network is open to all current and emerging clinical leaders of digital health across Australia. This includes clinical leaders who are CCIO, CMIO, CNIO and CPIOs within their healthcare organisations. It is also open to clinical informaticians, emerging clinical leaders and all healthcare professionals who are digital champions in a recognised health profession.

If you are not sure about your eligibility to join this Network, complete the Expression of Interest form and we will get back to you.

Is there a membership fee to join the network?

No. The CXIO network aims to build a strong, well informed and effective clinical leadership of digital health. As such, we encourage all clinicians in leadership and/or management roles to join the network and help shape Australia’s digital health strategy.

Do I have to be a member of the Institute to join the Network?

No. The Network is open to all health CXIOs across Australia regardless of your affiliation – as long as you are in a leadership and/or management role within your organisation.

What sort of activities would the network be involved in?

Planned activities for the network include webinars, in-person events held across Australia’s public and private hospitals, curated ongoing online discussions and quarterly online forums.

The Institute would also like to hear from members regarding your issues and challenges and what you would like the Network to do to help plan future activities.

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