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Precision Health

Mark Merolli, University of Melbourne

The Precision Health Community of Practice welcomes new members who are interested in advancing the emerging field of Precision Health in an increasingly digitally-enabled society. We want to promote Precision Health to the digital health community with a focus on new initiatives both across Australasia and internationally and the challenges these raise so that we can support its introduction into our health system.

A/Prof Paul Cooper FAIDH CHIA, Deakin University

What is the definition of Precision Health?

Precision Health seeks and analyses a wide range of information, such as clinical observations, biomarkers (including genomics) and patient generated data. It triangulates this information within the context of lifestyle, behaviour, environment and medical history to inform and personalise prevention, diagnosis and treatment at an individual, patient cohort and population level.

As an evolving field, Precision Health will adapt and transform over time by incorporating innovation and discovery, resulting in improved individual health and well-being.

Communities of Practice are open to all Members and Fellows of the Institute.


Kathy Campbell

Kathy Campbell

QLD, Chair

Ockham Consulting Pty Ltd

Siân Slade

Siân Slade

VIC, Vice-chair

Executive Consultant,
Bristol-Myers Squibb

A/Prof Paul Cooper FAIDH CHIA

A/Prof Paul Cooper FAIDH CHIA

VIC, Secretary

Associate Professor, Faculty of Health; School of Medicine,
Deakin University

Katerina Andronis

Katerina Andronis


Chief Technology Officer,

Dr Jon Carrano

Dr Jon Carrano


Peter Williams FAIDH CHIA

Peter Williams FAIDH CHIA


Healthcare Innovation Advisor,

Upcoming Events

The Institute hosts dozens of events nationally each year.

Precision Health on Digital Health TV

A member-exclusive benefit featuring hundreds of videos.


Perspectives and Progress in Precision Medicine


The role of the US National Library of Medicine in broadening the conversation


An informatics strategy: The key to precision medicine success


Privacy in the era of personalised medicine


This Algorithm Doesn't Replace Doctors—It Makes Them Better

Tom Simonite

Reflections on Precision Medicine from HIMSS 2019

Precision Medicine Sparks New Conversations about Patient Data

Jennifer Bresnick
Health IT Analytics

Family Medicine – Precision Medicine in Primary Care

Dr W. Gregory Feero
American Family Physician 2017

Cognitive health care in 2027 – Harnessing a data-driven approach in personalised health care

Thomas H. Davenport & Ravi Kalakota
September 2017, Deloitte University Press

Horizon Scanning Series: The Future of Precision Medicine in Australia

Going Beyond Genomics in Precision Medicine: What’s Next

David Crockett
Health Catalyst

Community blogs, learnings and insights

If you would like to contribute to our community of practice and have something to say, send us an email.

[ BLOG ] : Personalising precision medicine

[ BLOG ] : Personalising precision medicine

Blog Personalising precision medicine By Monica Ferrie (Consumer Representative) and Kathy Campbell, part of the Precision Health Community of Practice Committee The journey to needing bespoke care is also bespoke. The health ‘system’ and our care model are focussed...

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[ BLOG ] : Artificial intelligence and precision healthcare

[ BLOG ] : Artificial intelligence and precision healthcare

Blog Artificial intelligence and precision healthcare By Peter Williams Part of the Precision Medicine Community of Practice Steering Committee The HISA Precision Medicine Community of Practice sees precision medicine as not constrained to developments associated with...

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