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Visionflex was founded in 2014 in Sydney, with the mission to make health services accessible across Australia. The goal was to design and manufacture a telehealth system for health practitioners that enabled them to perform remote medical examinations.

The Visionflex system is a world first due to its unique clinical functions and its ability to support a suite of approved medical devices making remote diagnoses a reality.

Visionflex enables multiple clinicians to simultaneously connect with remote patients via real-time video conference to check patient lungs; heartbeat; pulse; blood sugar and oxygen levels. Clinicians can examine the ear, nose, and throat; and perform detailed wound examinations, plus many other patient observations via Bluetooth and USB-connected medical devices.

The Visionflex system can securely collect, share, and save patient health data to an electronic health record for future review.

Visionflex is utilised in rural and metropolitan medically remote settings, including farming communities, prisons, remote Aboriginal townships, outreach clinics, and isolated worksites. It is also used by clinicians in major hospitals and medical specialists.

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