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Telecare Australia

Founded in 2019, Telecare is a leading provider of digital health services and software to Australian patients and hospitals. Telecare has three complementary offerings:

1. Specialist Telehealth: We operate Australia's largest private telehealth hospital. With a panel of over 200 medical specialists and allied health professionals, we have treated over 55,000 patients with chronic and complex illnesses. Leveraging our platform, patients benefit from reduced fees and significantly shorter wait times, surpassing the limitations of traditional clinics.

2. Hospital Solutions: We are Australia's leading provider of telehealth clinicians to public hospitals. By combining our services and software, we have helped 11 hospitals to automate administration, reduce patient waitlists and better utilise bed capacity. improve patient satisfaction.

3. Productivity Software: Globally, patient administration is slow, manual and prone to error. In response, Telecare has developed sophisticated in-house software to automate these critical tasks. By combining insights gained from operating our own hospital and serving numerous healthcare institutions, we have designed a powerful software solution. Our technology enables hospitals to alleviate administrative burdens and dedicate more time to patient care.

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