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Telecare Australia

Telecare is one of Australia’s Largest Telehealth Clinics

We provide access to 90+ specialists and allied health professionals covering 30+ specialties (equivalent to a major Australian hospital), with an average patient wait time of 1-3 weeks.

We are a health tech startup that started its journey in the year 2020 when the pandemic was rampant, and social-isolation protocols were in place.

All along, our focus has been on making excellent healthcare accessible for all Australians.

Through Telecare, GPs and their patients can book affordable, convenient, and timely consults with a diverse range of medical specialists using telehealth technology.

Telecare currently provides specialist medical services in all eight states and territories, as well as Christmas and Norfolk Island, supporting GPs, patients, and specialists alike. We foster a collaborative work environment and are passionate about delivering better patient outcomes.

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