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Replikr Intelligent Avatars

Redefining the Way We Interact

We’re a team of collaborative Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence specialists, doing what it takes to achieve great outcomes for our clients.

Founded in 2020 and 100% New Zealand owned, we help organisations use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for smarter interactions with their patients, customers and teams. We believe NLP can vastly improve the way computers work with people.

With the power of Conversational AI, our platform creates new touchpoints and opportunities to engage with your customers, patients and teams. We provide natural, empathic conversations with intelligent virtual agents through SMS (Text), chat, email, phone, social media, and intelligent avatars.

Replikr® intelligent avatars are artificial intelligence-powered representations of people. They provide an authentic extension of your team through meaningful conversations with customers. They're carefully designed to help your customers 24/7, whether it be providing better access to healthcare advice and consumer medicine information, or even making appointments.

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