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In the early ‘90s, frustrated by the lack of software tailored for the Australian community pharmacy market, a pharmacist (Stephen Wragg) and an accountant (Darren Ellis) created a pharmacy management software solution made by pharmacists, for pharmacists. And so, Minfos® (Management INFOrmation System) was born. Drawing on their combined years of experience, Stephen and Darren lovingly designed Minfos to meet the specialised needs of community pharmacies. Their hard work paid off. Today, we support over 800 pharmacies across Australia. Our dispense, point-of-sale, financial and retail management functions—all of which share a single, extensive database—provide unmatched business visibility and reporting in a single, easy-to-use software package. With all the changes and challenges that community pharmacy faces, we’re more passionate than ever about helping pharmacies to achieve and maintain their perfect balance of medical and retail goods and services. What’s more, because we’re a division of Symbion Pty Ltd, we’re able to offer Symbion customers unique efficiencies and synergies.


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