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MetaOptima: empowering users with advanced technologies

MetaOptima is a digital health tech company dedicated to revolutionizing the dermatology and skin care industry with affordable, effective and intelligent tools. In order to provide state-of-the-art care, both medical professionals and their patients should be equipped with advanced tools.

We are proud to offer two products designed to enhance the quality of patient care and organization while streamlining services for maximum efficiency: DermEngine and MoleScope. DermEngine is an intelligent skin analytics platform designed to provide medical experts with smart technologies to enhance workflows, organization and communications. MoleScope is a digital dermoscopic attachment for smartphones/tablets that allows users to take medical grade quality images of their skin.

Here at MetaOptima, we take pride in our bold vision to bring digital healthcare and mobile technologies together to save lives and contribute to better health outcomes. We work hard to build a successful company with strong values and sense of community, as well as create jobs and develop tools that make the world a better place for patients, doctors, and businesses.


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