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Connect with Confidence.

Securing the clinical environment requires a new security strategy and coordinated approach as IT, OT, IoT and physical systems converge and the threat of bad actors exploiting vulnerabilities across new and old infrastructure is increasing.

IT also requires detailed knowledge of each and every medical device, their proprietary protocols, and a comprehensive understanding of medical workflows. In a network with hundreds of different device types, thousands of devices from different manufacturers, and a mix of protocols and operational parameters it can be overwhelming to protect.

Healthcare need a solution that covers the entire risk spectrum they face while ensuring the usability of these devices without compromising security requires a specialized approach for healthcare.

Medigate gives you the confidence to see, secure, and manage all of the devices connected to your network and turn the associated data into a powerful resource. It means the end of any compromise between security and usability – put simply, it allows you to connect with confidence

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