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IPSec are specialists in information asset and cyber protection; security experts who know how to mitigate cyber risk by assisting in the protection of valuable intelligence, data, and information. From assessing the risks of vulnerabilities and threats, through designing and implementing customised security strategies, to managing execution and optimising results, IPSec are guardians of business confidence providing high levels of protection and optimal assurance of an organisations security posture.

IPSec is Australia's leading provider of end-to-end cyber defence and resilience outcomes. From defining cyber security strategy, to cyber defence solutions, to provision of 24x7 security operations centre (SOC) capabilities with incident response and forensics - IPSec can assist your organisation achieve its information asset and privacy protection outcomes.

IPSec's market leading consulting services can assist you with identifying organisation cyber risks, determining the level of exposure threats present to the organisation, and can provide a strategic direction for the remediation of those risks. IPSec is a CREST accredited penetration tester and is highly experienced at assisting organisations of all sizes to identify and quantify potential vulnerabilities within their IT environment.

IPSec's partnership with the world's leading cyber defence solutions means we are able to assist you to reduce the cyber threats faced by the organisation and to increase the likelihood of breach detection when they occur. Utilising advanced and intelligent solutions IPSec can dramatically reduce the opportunities for bad actors to impact your operations.

IPSec's manned 24x7 virtual security operations centre (vSOC) is your organisation's SOC in the cloud. With trained cyber security specialists located in our SOC on a 24x7 basis ready to respond to threats and breaches as soon as they arise - including 24x7 access to incident responders within 30 minutes of a breach.

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