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FiveP is one of Australia’s leading providers of digital products and consulting services to organisations seeking to transform their ways of working with the Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms.

Our expertise in combining these two class-leading pillars of business productivity and business operations toolsets into one unified capability is our point of difference. We deliver ‘single pane of glass’ digital workspace solutions that incorporate the crucial elements of access, insight, engagement, collaboration, and communication that enables, and empowers everybody to participate in the modern workforce.

We have developed a set of product solutions and service frameworks to address the needs of a modern workforce.

Baret – Role-based messaging solution for Microsoft Teams to enable secure and targeted communication across clinical and frontline workers in hospitals and care settings.

Tabei – Integrated resource centre and intranet for Microsoft Teams providing a single source of truth for corporate information in the modern, mobile workforce.

Navigator – Governance platform for Microsoft Teams to improve the way users search for and organise content, and helps people work together with greater effectiveness.

While we have a passion for software and firmly believe businesses need technology to succeed in today’s modern world, our true focus is on people. We are a team that works with your team, inspiring people to take action and empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to create new opportunities that will define a business in a way that technology alone will never be able to do.

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