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Data Capture Experts

We make breakthrough products that change the way people capture, manage and use data

We’re Data Capture Experts. The ‘expert’ part comes from our position as a market leader in data and automation. Let us tell you more about our mission.

Are you keen to streamline, speed up or simplify processes which feel cumbersome to your organization and frankly, outdated? Partnering with DCE gives you access to technology solutions which digitalise, automate and optimise document and information intensive business processes. We specialise in healthcare and financial services.

What does this mean for you? It reduces your operating costs, cycle times and compliance risks while creating truly outstanding customer engagement.

Our cloud products – DC2Vue and DC2Hub – combine state-of the-art information capture, AI & machine learning technologies. We believe that adopting a digital-driven data strategy is the most meaningful way to create the kind of customer engagement most organisations can only dream of.

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be difficult. We envision a future which involves a simple and efficient model, combining your people, your processes and your content with the ultimate goal of superior decision-making. Whether that’s clinical, operational or financial, it doesn’t matter. At Data Capture Experts, we’ve got it all covered.

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