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Caligo Health

Bringing the best clinician and health executive perspectives to the most challenging problems in healthcare.

Caligo Health is an Australian-based healthcare consulting and solutions company led by experienced doctors and health executives. We bring pragmatic clinical and management perspectives, genuinely creative approaches and an unparalleled network of experts to advise and solve the most complex healthcare challenges

We offer specialised healthcare consulting services to government, private, and not-for-profit organisations. Our core team of directors are Dr Amandeep Hansra, Dr Trung Ton, and Shane Solomon, who together bring extensive consulting experience across the healthcare industry and have a unique depth and breadth of knowledge in all aspects unique to the Australian context. We are supported by a team of talented and experienced associates and analysts from the medical community and leading consulting firms.

We tap a wider network of over 5000 clinicians and experts both to develop exclusive industry insights and provide expert medical input. Past use of the network has included rapid


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