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We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of our 2023 Women in Digital Health Leadership Program. A cohort of 27 exceptional individuals from across Australia celebrated their graduation last night. Their diverse backgrounds and varied experiences converged, contributing to a rich tapestry of unique digital health journeys. Remarkably, these participants coalesced over the past six months, cultivating an environment characterized by transparency, profound introspection, and mutual support, all geared towards refining their leadership acumen.

The culminating event unfolded on August 30, 2023, against the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour at EY. Program manager, AIDH Community Engagement Director Kristal Kitto, said the program worked through three key pillars of leadership.

Starting in Melbourne, it focused on leading self and understanding development, working through developing and understanding personal leadership styles and strengths to reflect on individual perspective, potential and personal empowerment.

A retreat in Brisbane focused on leading culture and understanding context, and worked on building confidence in taking the lead, navigating the ecosystem and having crucial conversations. The journey culminated in Sydney, immersing participants in a comprehensive exploration of leading teams and individuals. Conversations spanned the spectrum from team-building strategies to honing influencing skills, all with the overarching goal of cultivating adept leaders who make well-informed choices and adeptly delegate responsibilities.

Coaches Natalie Collard and Eimer Boyle developed engaging and thought-provoking content and cultivated relationships with participants, showing them it was a safe space to support each other in their development.

Industry mentors Prof Wendy Chapman, Janine Cox, Dr Ruth de Souza, Tricia Liebke FAIDH CHIA and Dr Magdalena Simonis provided insights, support and guidance throughout the project phase.

The Institute thanks the program supporters and recognises the contribution of Alcidion, Coviu, EY and Telstra Health.


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