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The Institute is working with the Australian Digital Health Agency on strategies to deliver digital health capability across the health workforce. The Capability Action Plan (CAP) enables Australia’s health workforce to develop the skills needed for healthcare delivery in the digital world.

Agency CEO Amanda Cattermole said:

“Workforce strategy development and planning requires consultation, including with professional colleges, universities and educators and employers in the public and private sectors. Coordination of effort is also vital, and the AIDH, with its strong existing knowledge, relationships and independence in this area, is well positioned to take on this role.”

AIDH CEO Dr Louise Schaper said the Institute’s primary focus for the last four years has been advancing the digital capability of the health workforce. She said:

“The Institute, its Fellows and Members, already work with many health professions on workforce advancement, through accreditation and training, with programs that start with the basics of digital health to more advanced workforce-based programs. The nursing and midwifery workforce has started to upskill by assessing capability in public and private sectors and creating a starting point to build programs for education and training. It’s time to take this to all health professions on a larger scale.”

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