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A new report from the Industry Genomics Network Alliance (InGeNA) features case studies showing just some of the many ways genomics will be useful in diagnosis and treatment across Australia’s future healthcare system.  Valuing the impact of genomics on healthcare in Australia”, undertaken for InGeNA by Deloitte Access Economics, features five case studies profiling potential applications of genomics across the screening, diagnosis, and treatment stages of the care continuum.

The report says genomics can benefit individuals in decision making, improving health outcomes and treatment pathways and treatment efficacy through personalised medication. There are benefits for families and carers in reducing informal care required and genomics can reduce health system costs.

InGeNA says the report would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the consumer and patient representatives and healthcare stakeholders who participated in the development of case studies and who are embedded across all facets of the InGeNA program.

InGeNA Chair David Bunker says: “Genomics is already engaged across many facets of healthcare as it already enables access to treatment in areas like cancer and rare diseases.

An understanding of genomics has been essential in the fight against COVID-19, allowing swift development of vaccines and efficient tests, as well as being a vital tool for epidemiologists.

However, while genomics may one day be omnipresent, Australia – like most nations – has a long way to go to translate the opportunities it presents society. Right now, the field of genomics is advancing quicker than healthcare translation can keep pace,” he said.

Monica Ferrie, CEO, Genetic Support Network of Victoria, said: “Genomics has material potential to deliver life and improved quality of life, changing the trajectory of individuals and families. Genomics also has the potential to deliver immeasurable and priceless gifts such as planning, choice, and hope.

We recognise that the full impact of genomics can only be delivered through collaboration across stakeholders and joint commitment to outcome. It’s the only possible pathway to improved lives. Genomics will deliver the right test for the right person, to receive the right treatment at the right time, and with the right supports in place.”

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