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Prof Farah Magrabi FAIDH

Prof Farah Magrabi FAIDH

Professor of Biomedical & Health Informatics, Macquarie University

MedInfo, the World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics will address a range of key digital health issues, with a focus on the role of technology in delivering safer, equitable and sustainable health services to patients. Artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to be a major focus, as health systems worldwide look for ways to safely and effectively harness AI technologies to improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Climate change and its impact on health system sustainability will also be high on the agenda, with discussions about how digital health solutions can help to reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of a changing environment on healthcare delivery.

Consumer participation and empowerment will be another key topic, as we consider the role of patients and communities in shaping the future of digital health. With health disparities and equity a persistent challenge, particularly for marginalized groups, the congress will examine ways in which digital health solutions can help to tackle these issues, bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. MedInfo will provide a valuable platform for discussion, collaboration and action towards more equitable digitally enabled health systems.

I am particularly honoured to be co-chairing this prestigious event in my hometown of Sydney. As a city that is at the forefront of innovation and progress, I believe that Sydney is the perfect place to host MedInfo. As co-chair, I am committed to ensuring that the congress provides a platform for meaningful discussion and collaboration among the world’s leading experts in digital health. I look forward to welcoming colleagues from around the world and to showcasing Australia’s dynamic and diverse digital health community. Together, we will work towards finding solutions to some of the most pressing digital health issues of our time, and creating a brighter future for healthcare for all.

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