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Making artificial intelligence work for health

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making a significant impact across the healthcare sector, emerging as the hot topic of 2023. The use and effectiveness of Chat GPT has been discussed far and wide across sectors, but especially in health.

There is no doubt AI brings significant benefits to healthcare from enhancing medical diagnostics, enabling personalised treatments, and analysing big datasets, to name a few. However, we also know the challenges this brings from ensuring data privacy and security, maintaining transparency and accountability in AI algorithms, minimising biases and fostering human-AI collaborations.

So how do we make AI work best in healthcare? This question will be discussed throughout MedInfo 2023. Across the five-day program there is array of presentations showcasing the latest developments in artificial intelligence and it is the focus of two keynote addresses.

Professor Toby Walsh, Chief Scientist UNSW AI Institute will present a keynote address titled Generative AI: Why all the fuss?
Professor Walsh says “ChatGPT has caught the public’s attention. Alongside the great potential to do many routine tasks, there are many fears.”

“In my keynote address, I’ll try and dispel a few myths and misconceptions about CHATGPT in particular and paint a picture of where this is all going”

Professor Raina McIntyre, Head Biosecurity Program, University of NSW, focuses her keynote on the public health case for AI and open source data for rapid epidemic intelligence.

Professor McIntyre says “The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical medicine is widespread, but public health lags far behind’.

‘The widespread adoption of digital open-source surveillance and AI technology is needed for transformative change in public health”.

The use of artificial intelligence in health is also a key theme in more the 40 concurrent sessions throughout the five-day program. To find out more, search by theme in the online program schedule.

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