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The National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework is positively welcomed by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health’s Nursing and Midwifery Community of Practice.
The framework provides:

  • a transparent vison for nurses and midwives, of the skills expected of them during the delivery of care using digital health technologies and maximising data driven decision making
  • an understanding for nursing and midwifery management and executives, of how the workforce, resources, and scopes of practice need to be structured in a digitised environment to foster best practice and support health outcomes
  • the necessary tools and common language for nursing and midwifery leaders, to support a culture of technology acceptance and innovation awareness and empower the workforce to develop the key capabilities required for 21st century practice
  • the key graduate attributes for nursing and midwifery education providers, to competently and confidently demonstrate in a digitised clinical setting
  • clarity in career planning toward nursing and midwifery informatics roles, for those nurses and midwives who wish to evolve and participate in within their organisations
  • a conceptual framework for nursing and midwifery researchers, which directs critical thinking and continuous quality improvement activities for individual practitioners, healthcare organisations, and the professions
  • visible and agile nurse and midwife commitment to their patient and client, which is agile and responsive to the changing landscape of healthcare.

We know that technology has the potential to improve outcomes for patients and clients, as well as increasing efficiency and effectiveness for those delivering care. This framework provides a structured approach to develop capability. It strengthens nursing and midwives’ pursuit in incorporating digital tools and understanding the value of data and information in the future healthcare environment.

Australian Digital Health Agency 2020 National nursing and midwifery digital health capability framework available here

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