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EOI for Digital Health and Health Informatics Subject Matter Experts


We are seeking experienced, passionate digital health experts to collaborate with the AIDH to strengthen the capacity of the digital health workforce.

One thing we have seen during these unprecedented COVID-19 times is how extraordinary healthcare professionals are when it comes to teamwork. Putting citizens and patient care at the centre sits at the core of everything we do as an industry. As healthcare evolves rapidly, we at the AIDH are keen to ensure we collaborate with more professionals at the cutting edge in our collective efforts to strengthen the skills of digital health workforce and continue to deliver world-class health care services.

At the Institute, we have ramped up our activities and are receiving significant interest from organisations to support them with their digital health capacity development needs. We are building our efforts to deliver on our continuous improvements to the Digital Health Competency Framework, the Certified Health Informatician Australasia program (CHIA), and our advice to global institutions and organisations.

These opportunities are for AIDH Fellows, Associate Fellows and Members. We have a strong and committed community of digital health and informatics professionals who remain key to the workforce development initiatives of the Institute. For those who are not AIDH Fellows or Members, we welcome you to join the digital health movement.

Deadline for EOI: 19 June 2020


We need to ensure digital health education and training standards meet industry expectations and professional standards.

If you are interested in becoming a subject matter expert, we’d love you to register your interest.


We are looking for people who have an interest in participating in the following areas:

  • Governance advisers
  • Subject Matter Experts in digital health and health informatics
  • Contract opportunities
  • Validating industry standards
  • Learning & Development professionals with experience in health and digital health/informatics

If you have experience in digital health and health informatics and would like to submit your interest, please complete the EOI.

We will review submissions after the close date of 19 June 2020. Those selected will be contacted by the Institute for further discussions.

If you have any questions, please contact Danika Bakalich, Director Workforce on [email protected].

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