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This is a sponsored post by AEHRC

AEHRCCloud compute, access to large data sets and a public readiness to engage mean digital information is set to play an increasingly important role in transforming the quality and sustainability of health and care.

Used effectively, digital health can help save lives, improve health and wellbeing and support a sustainable and equitable health system.

With our rich history of research translation for benefit of Australians, we offer a full health and biomedical informatics research program, with capabilities in data analysis and interoperability, precision medicine and virtual care.

Operating within CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, we are trusted advisors and key collaborative partners to both industry and state and federal departments of health. In our efforts to tackle Australia’s biggest health problems, including accessibility, quality and efficiency, we are home to products and services such as:

  • Ontoserver
  • MoTHER
  • Smarter Safer Homes

As we look into the future are committed to:

  • increase the impact of our work through adoption of our technologies
  • contribute to key collaborative partnerships nationally and globally
  • develop new areas of impact in precision medicine, aged care, Indigenous health and big data medical research
  • continuing to put digital health science into practice for benefit of all Australians.

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