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Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH FIAHSI CHIA BSc(OT)HonsMessage from the CEO: Advancing Australia’s digital health workforce has been the primary focus of the Institute for over a decade. Building workforce capability in digital health is critical to our strategy and drives much of our activity. We believe it is critical to the sustainability of our health system, as well as meeting patient and consumer expectations around receiving care in a digital world.

So when we entered into a collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency last year to deliver the Capability Action Plan (CAP), it was an important and further step towards our goals for the digital health workforce.

The CAP is designed to support everyone in the health workforce to continue to develop the skills they need to provide the best care for Australians in a digital world and it sets out priority actions needed if we are to respond to the needs of consumers.

Through our Fellows and Members, we already work with many health professions on workforce development, through accreditation and training, with programs starting with the basics of digital health to more advanced workforce-based programs. Now it’s time to take this to all health professions on a larger scale.

You are invited to find out how the CAP will benefit you, your workplace and ultimately your community by joining us at one of several free online information sessions over the next two weeks.

We would like to talk you through the five domains of a draft Digital Health Capability Framework, which will underpin the development of practical tools and resources for healthcare professionals. We will also look at other aspects of the CAP and ask for your input. Please check out the dates and register for a convenient session.

Dr Louise Schaper PhD FAIDH FIAHSI CHIA BSc(OT)Hons
CEO, Australasian Institute of Digital Health

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