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“The global low/no-code development platform market is predicted to generate a revenue of $187 billion by 2030, rising from $10 billion in 2019, and is expected to advance at a fast pace”. (GlobeNewswire) [i]

In Healthcare, Senior Executives and Business Managers have the keys to creating a rapid, low-cost way to respond to new requirements and to fill the gaps in legacy IT systems using the Cgov No-Code Toolkit. .

According to trends in app development [ii] one-quarter of users are developing robust applications on a low/no-code platform without having any previous programming experience, and 40 percent of these developers have a background in business. The Cgov Toolkit enables business users (not developers) to respond quickly and efficiently to implement online solutions for your local requirements.

Australian Case Study:  No-Code Toolkit Fills the Workflow Gaps

A large Victorian metropolitan health service made an enterprise-wide IT investment in a Tier 1 HR system. During the prolonged, 3-year implementation, it was evident the new HR system was not capable of meeting all the organisations needs and requirements. Any changes to the platform would require additional time, more money, and extra resources. Cgov was invited to help fill the gaps. Within three months the Cgov Team solved this problem with the No-Code Toolkit for Healthcare. Cgov worked closely with the health service, to extract the workflow trigger data from the HR system, to incorporate this data into a new online process directly addressing the local requirements, and to push the data back into the HR system and maintain it as a source of truth over time. The No-Code Toolkit implemented the missing functionality quickly and easily, to enable a fully functional HR system.

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