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Changing the Game

Empowering consumers and connecting the state


The ever-changing nature of our healthcare ecosystem demands that we consistently innovate in order to deliver high quality, patient-centred care, and that patients themselves have easy access to, and ownership of their own health information. Katrina Neave and Lauren Solomon from Alfred Health joined us at the Sydney edition of the 2020 Digital Health Institute Summit to discuss the Alfred Health Patient Portal. Katrina and Lauren offered a snapshot of the project from the design of the portal through to implementation, patient enrollment, clinical engagement, and initial outcomes and feedback. Patient advocate Kriss Will described the Alfred Health patient portal as a ‘game changer’. Registered summit attendees should check out Katrina and Lauren’s summit presentation on demand to find out why (click here).

Another integral ingredient of an enhanced, holistic patient experience is having one connected health record throughout a lifetime and across varied geographies. A connected system supports continuity throughout the care journey and is likely to lead to better health outcomes for patients in both the short and long term. Dr Andrew Blanch from Children’s Heath Queensland joined the Perth Summit to discuss the Queensland iEMR project which connects a state of both considerable size and complexity. Noting that Queensland’s success has relied heavily on robust clinical governance, Dr Blanch highlighted a number of intended and unintended clinical and operational benefits of the iEMR. Registered summit attendees can explore these benefits with Dr Blanch through his presentation ‘Serving the community through a state-wide connected health system’ which is available on demand (click here).

If you do not have access to Digital Health Institute Summit 2020 then please click here and contact us to find out more.

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