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By Khaled Chakli

Director of Leadership & Policy

As the Institute embarks on its new strategy to shift the dial on our nation’s transition to a digital health future, we’re asking for the support and involvement of our Fellows and members.

The first step in delivering Shifting the Dial is the establishment of our Expert Advisory Groups.

Expert Advisory Groups – or ‘EAGs’, will be the driving force behind the further development, continual refinement, and the delivery of the Shifting the Dial strategy.

The strategy has intentionally been kept high-level to allow AIDH Fellows and members – the pioneers and leaders within the digital health sector – shape its development and have genuine input into how we influence the future direction of Australia’s healthcare system.

How the Expert Advisory Groups will work

As the new mechanism for engaging expert Fellows and members in the Institute’s leadership and advocacy strategy, EAGs will serve as links between Fellows, experts, and the Institute, advising the CEO, and the Director Leadership and Policy on Shifting the Dial’s focus areas and priorities, and how to execute them.

Consistent with the pillars of Shifting the Dial, the three EAGs are:

  1. The Expert Advisory Group on Changing the business models of healthcare
  2. The Expert Advisory Group on Advancing the digital health workforce
  3. The Expert Advisory Group on Building trust and confidence in health and data
Changing the business models of healthcare

Governments and health professionals across the globe – from private industry to local communities – are assembling the critical mass to transform the way that we do healthcare. It’s time Australia joined them.

The EAG on changing the business models of healthcare will be charged with prompting, provoking, and leading the public discourse on change for a sustainable healthcare system, including system harmonisation and accessibility, consumer centricity and engagement, and even the possible need for a re-evaluation of healthcare delivery and funding models at their very foundational levels.

Advancing the digital health workforce

The healthcare workforce is the lifeblood of our healthcare system – and our healthcare system, is becoming increasingly digital.

Recognising that one day the ‘digital health workforce’ will just be ‘the healthcare workforce’, this EAG will tackle the vital need to increase digital skills and competencies amongst health workers, encourage digital health maturity, and address the ever important need to attract and retain more technology and data professionals into healthcare – professionals without whom Australia cannot tackle the immediate, medium, and long-term challenges troubling our healthcare system today.

Building trust and confidence in health and data

Ensuring the rights of consumers to their data is known and advocated for as a paradigm shift, and so is ensuring that that data is used to connect care, improve patient safety, and enhance the consumer experience.

This EAG will work on challenging the mindset of traditional system design to build trust between the consumer, the clinician, and the system as a necessary precursor for the strategic capture and use of data to inform care at the individual and population level – and as an asset in informing policy analysts and decision makers on the future directions of the health system.

Official call for Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interest are now open and will close at midnight on Sunday 4 September 2022.

Candidates can express their interest here.

Together, we can ensure that the digital health sector has a voice at the table, and that the expertise of our Fellows and members is duly heard and considered now and into the future.

Together, we can shift the dial on Australia’s transition to its digital health future.

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